Ultra Male The tattooed guy with a big heart

Ultra Male The tattooed guy with a big heart
Ultra Male The tattooed guy with a big heart
Ultra Male The tattooed guy with a big heart

The handsome Male by Jean-Paul Gaultier has shown us all the colors since its release in 1995! Dressed in his tight-fitting striped sweater, each year the Male takes on a new scent to better surprise us. In 2015 the Male becomes Ultra Male, an ultra virile seducer riding his motorcycle in search of new wide open spaces. Fiery, powerful, Ultra Male is tinged with an exquisitely masculinized sensuality to seduce hearts and envelop the body in its divine scents.

Ultra Male or the tough guy from JPG

The male’s tender sailor put down his bundle and left his beautiful Classic to offer us an Ultra Male testosterone!

As every year since 1995, Francis Kurkdjian has given birth to the Male a new variation full of colors and scents for ever more surprises. This time the creator has stepped up the dark and powerful notes of the original to create a rock solid Ultra Male of a biker with a tender heart. The goal: to break the classic codes of male perfumery to offer male scents that are both original and close to the original scent.

“I worked on this new version by reinterpreting the sensuality of the original fragrance with the codes of our time. Gourmet effects, dear to Mr Gaultier, which play with modern woody notes and aromatic notes of lavender, the heart of the original fragrance composed in 1995. ”Francis Kurkdjian for Ultra Male.

Thus Ultra Male plays at teasing male clichés with a malice worthy of a great Jean-Paul Gauthier. Because a man, sorry a Man, “must” be strong, muscular, tattooed, powerful… All that the Male was not yet! Ultra Male would therefore be a snub to critics, an ultra testosterone Ultra guy who proves that Jean-Paul Gaultier also knows how to be brilliant in ultra virility.

Visuals and advertising films for the Ultra Male will therefore be offered in the same jovial tone and our Ultra Male sailor will this time be drawn as in a comic book, like a superhero. Riding his motorcycle, the Ultra Male is not afraid of anything. He is beautiful, tough, tattooed and free!

When the sailor gets on the motorcycle, Ultra Male is overpowered!

The beautiful bust of the Male goes to dress in his striped shirt which for the Ultra Male occasion will be tinted with a powerful and mysterious midnight blue. The iconic metallic “Meta can” box remains, but its color is adorned with a velvety black with intense blue reflections, once again reminding us of the beautiful virility of Ultra Male. The red ink brings its ultra modern touch to the whole.

Ultra Male offers a very powerful citrus-aromatic blend from the start of its juice, created around lemon, bergamot, mint and black lavender, an intense lavender picked at altitude. These tones will be quickly counterbalanced by a sweet and juicy pear. At the heart, it is the cinnamon that warms it all up with their spicy sweetness, while the clary sage blows again a wind of aromatic freshness. However, the warm and sensual depths of amber woods, black vanilla and coumarin create a raw and animal trail of unfailing masculinity.

“Ultra Male is a showdown between power and greed. »Jean Paul Gaultier for Ultra Male.

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