Tom Ford – Velvet Orchid Light

Tom Ford – Velvet Orchid Light
Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Light fragrance
Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Light fragrance

Velvet Orchid Lumière, the new version of Tom Ford’s famous perfume

The story of the new Velvet Orchid Lumière began in 2006 when Tom Ford decided to create Black Orchid , his brand’s first juice following its opening barely a year later. The idea was thus to embody the very refined image of the brand through a fragrance. Meeting an immediate success, this fragrance inspired by a black orchid was followed by two other versions. Voile de Fleur appeared in 2007 and featured lilies and honeysuckle. Velvet Orchid, meanwhile, arrived in 2014 and replaced the woods and spices of Black Orchid with jasmine, rose, orchid and orange blossom. Velvet Orchid Lumière is therefore a third variant, this time accentuating gluttony.

A fragrance designed in the image of the Tom Ford brand

Like each of the juices emanating from the house of Tom Ford, the new Velvet Orchid Lumière perfectly embodies the brand’s refined, sensual and infinitely chic style. In addition, Tom Ford is today one of the most esteemed and famous stylists on our planet. The latter won numerous awards and began his ascent in the world of fashion in 1994.

In this capacity, he became artistic director of Gucci. Moreover, he can boast of having radically changed the image of this brand, leading it to unprecedented success. Tom Ford is endowed with daring intuitions and very innovative ideas, sometimes provocative but always very elegant. Also, this is precisely what we find in the Velvet Orchid Lumière perfume. It is designed to reflect the entire Tom Ford brand, a brand that was founded in April 2005, barely a year after Tom Ford left the Gucci group.

The refined indulgence of Velvet Orchid Lumière

Velvet Orchid Lumière will make its appearance in November 2016. It is intended exclusively for the fairer sex and is sewn in more gourmet tones than before.

It begins with a particularly fresh and invigorating flight. This includes citrus fruits such as tangerine and bergamot. The honey then softens this start of its sweet facet while a hint of rum comes to make the whole thing more intoxicating. Then, a floral heart takes over. Jasmine reveals its richness and opulence to us while facing the queen of flowers: the rose. This gives the whole a particularly feminine romanticism. Finally, Velvet Orchid Lumière ends with a more enveloping base based on myrrh and sandalwood. This new juice will be available in sizes of 50 and 100 ml. Everything is presented in the emblematic bottle of the Black Orchid collection. This one is designed with a very strong sense of elegance, refinement and perfection.

In addition, it perfectly characterizes the Tom Ford style. It is both contemporary and classic, nevertheless swapping its old black for a more mysterious purple. This one is juxtaposed with finesse with gilding present on a lace tied by hand at the level of its collar as well as on a plaque revealing its name to us.

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