The triple action of Top Secret Lip Perfector Yves Saint Laurent

The triple action of Top Secret Lip Perfector Yves Saint Laurent
The triple action of Top Secret Lip Perfector Yves Saint Laurent
The triple action of Top Secret Lip Perfector Yves Saint Laurent

The change of season is often synonymous with a period of fatigue and acts as much on the body as on the mind. This is why, when autumn arrives, it is essential to take even more care of your body. To do this, Yves Saint Laurent has done everything to enhance your beauty. In this context, he created a brand new product specially dedicated to your mouth. Top Secret Lip Perfector is a kind of new generation lip balm that has more than one trick up its sleeve. Indeed, it combines three effects in a single small tube, enough to enhance your smile over time.

The 3 in 1 effect of Top Secret Lip Perfector

Top Secret Lip Perfector is a particularly innovative product and is advertised as the very first 3 in 1 lip balm in the cosmetics department.

The latter alone contains many actions and contains multiple ingredients with recognized virtues in the cosmetology sector. In this case, Top Secret Lip Perfector is enriched with shea butter, a natural active ingredient that nourishes and repairs the skin in depth. Thus, it fights against the dryness of the lips and ensures your comfort throughout the day. Your mouth then sees its beauty preserved over the course of its uses. Likewise, Top Secret Lip Perfector also has an exfoliating effect. Thus, it smoothes your skin day after day, making it soft and velvety, enough to welcome the most sensual of kisses. Finally, although it does not have any superfluous colors, the Top Secret Lip Perfector will sublimate the natural color of your lips, dressing them with a resplendent shine.

In other words, Top Secret Lip Perfector intends to take good care of your lips on their surface as well as in depth, which will endow you with a radiant smile ready to face the most extreme situations.

The different uses of Yves Saint-Laurent’s new balm

Be aware, however, that there is no one way to use the new Top Secret Lip Perfector. Indeed, it is ideally designed to adapt to all your desires. It can therefore be applied on its own to the lips to provide a particularly natural and absolutely trendy nude effect. In this case, it is discreet while revealing the innate radiance of your mouth. Nevertheless, it is equally suitable for women more daring and eager to embellish their smile with a dazzling color. In this case, it fits under your makeup.

What is more, it allows you to homogenize your lipstick and accentuate its shine. Thanks to it, you will appear more dazzling than ever while enjoying a real feeling of comfort. However, for best results, it is best to apply Top Secret Lip Perfector 10 minutes before covering it with lipstick. Thus, it penetrates more easily into the heart of the fiber and remains all the more effective.

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