The Rose Royale perfume by Lalique

The Rose Royale perfume by Lalique
The Rose Royale perfume by Lalique
The Rose Royale perfume by Lalique

Rose Royale, when Lalique is sailing towards new horizons

From now on, it is possible to offer you a part of the Lalique house at low cost. Indeed, in 2014, the Parisian brand decided to launch a range of fragrances called Noir Premier. Composed of six fragrances, this collection aims to highlight key moments in Lalique’s life. Also, each bottle represents a symbolic date in its history. Rose Royale therefore symbolizes the year 1935 and, as you will understand, its scent revolves exclusively around the noble ingredient that is the rose. More than a perfume, Rose Royale then plunges us into a true Parisian atmosphere, at the heart of an era rich in meaning for Lalique.

Lalique and its fragrance with a heart of rose

Rose Royale is a perfume which presents a first particularity: it is unisex . Also, it manages to fulfill all desires, whether they are those of men or women. Created in 2014 by Sidonie Lancesseur, it enjoys exploring several facets and can boast of being as woody as it is floral or even fruity. Thus, the absolute of rose is omnipresent and it is a kind of common thread of this perfume. Then, Rose Royale is sublimated by the addition of peach and apricot which then reinforce all its sweetness. This complex and refined fragrance also contains an element of exoticism. In this case, you can smell osmanthus, a small flower with orange hues, emblematic of China.

The violet then brings its powdery appearance while the suede envelops everything in an extreme velvety. In addition, it gives the wearer an almost tactile effect and is in total symbiosis with the skin. Rose Royale presents an outrageous delicacy and will nestle in the crook of your neck so that you become one. Its breath then amplifies with musk until it reaches the nuances of a more woody and leathery base. Finally, the cashmere finishes to sublimate the whole. Rose Royale is undoubtedly a very great perfume and, although it is not expensive on our site, it is truly worthy of the prestige of Lalique, one of the most renowned design houses in Paris.

Rose Royale, like an outbreak in the heart of one of the main Parisian arteries

However, not content with being a sublime perfume, Rose Royale is also a call to memory. Indeed, as it is indicated on its bottle, it evokes the year 1935. In addition, it is about the relocation of the Lalique workshops. Since the creation of this house, its address has been at Place Vendôme in Paris. Moreover, this was perfectly logical since Lalique was, at that time, only a jeweler and the place is famous for its many brands in the field. Also, having widened his field of activities to glass, René Lalique decides to change horizons.

He then moved to rue Royale, between Place de la Madeleine and Place de la Concorde. You can imagine how this year 1935 was decisive for the Lalique brand since it will move to draw its inspiration from the heart of one of the most famous arteries in Paris. Moreover, to believe the beauty of the works that will follow, it is clear that this choice was the right one, especially since the house still has its workshops there. Rose Royale is therefore much more than a perfume, it is a symbol of luxury, refinement and above all, it is a creation resolutely turned towards the future.

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