The Rose Couture Perfume by Elie Saab

The Rose Couture Perfume by Elie Saab
The Rose Couture Perfume by Elie Saab
The Rose Couture Perfume by Elie Saab

Elie Saab, Rose Couture Perfume, a flower and a color for an extraordinary fragrance

Born in Lebanon, Elie Saab opens his first workshop in Beirut. He likes to create and sublimate women through his ready-to-wear collections. Today, Elie Saab is the favorite fashion designer of brides and celebrities. He imagines dresses more sumptuous than the others. In 2011, the fashion house Elie Saab launched into perfumery with its first fragrance “Elie Saab, le Parfum”. Building on this success, Elie Saab decided to create a variation and “Elie Saab, the Rose Couture Perfume” was created in 2016.

Sublimate women

Since these beginnings, Elie Saab has never ceased to sublimate the beauty of women, to reveal their femininity in broad daylight. All these dresses testify to an extraordinary creativity and beauty. From collections to fashion shows, to this Garden of Eden, Elie Saab honors women in all their facets. Perhaps because Elie Saab had a special relationship with his mother, who loved him above all else, women are for him majestic creations.

With “Elie Saab, the Rose Couture Perfume”, Elie Saab once again wanted to magnify the woman with an essence that would enhance her. The “Couture” imprint is also undeniable and this unique fragrance also pays homage to the couturier’s dresses. “Elie Saab, the Rose Couture Perfume” is in total harmony with the style and ideas of the fashion house.

Elie Saab the Rose Couture Perfume and its feminine notes

The new version “Elie Saab, the Rose Couture Perfume” is intended to be more feminine and more elegant than its predecessor. The rose, an ultra feminine symbol, will bewitch the entire composition here. In “Elie Saab, the Rose Couture Perfume” it is the white rose which embodies the woman in all her romanticism. “Elie Saab, the Rose Couture Perfume” opens with sunny notes of orange blossom.

These are associated with jasmine, peony, and the rose which is here worked with honey to offer a luminous rose honey. The base is voluptuous and elegant thanks to the presence of patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla which envelops the whole in a soft sensuality. The white rose, present from start to finish, gives the composition a softness similar to a veil of silk.

As for the bottle, it uses the same codes as its predecessor. However, the case is intended to be more slender and lets its pale pink nectar show through, as if to echo the rose… A real gem!

In 2016, the fashion house unveiled “Elie Saab le Parfum Rose Couture”, a fragrance that is a variation of its first fragrance. The rose, the quintessential feminine flower, here sublimates the beauty of women, as Elie Saab has done since his beginnings… A fragrance that matches his creativity.

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