The return of Chloé’s Nomade in an Absolu de Parfum edition

The return of Chloé’s Nomade in an Absolu de Parfum edition
The return of Chloé's Nomade in an Absolu de Parfum edition
The return of Chloé’s Nomade in an Absolu de Parfum edition

Nomade de Chloé returns in an Absolu de Parfum edition

Remember: in 2018, the house of Chloé struck a big blow and completely changed its line of conduct to create a new perfume: Nomade. Usually recognized for its absolute elegance, the brand wanted to breathe new life into its shelves. Little by little, it would seem that the young woman Chloe wanted to emancipate herself, for our greatest pleasure. Since then, she has not hesitated to reveal several facets of her personality to us and to take us to many distant lands. After making an Eau de Toilette Nomade in 2019, Chloé still gives us a new variation of her perfume. Prepare to welcome Nomade Absolu de Parfum!

Chloé opts for a warmer bottle

To tell us the news, Chloe first released an image of her new bottle. Obviously, the belonging of the new Nomade Absolu de Parfum to the Chloé family is obvious! For good reason, his silhouette has remained exactly the same as before. Combining roundness with graphic and sharper lines, this perfume alone materializes all the richness and complexity of the female personality. Its cap and fret are covered with a golden lacquer, on which is inscribed the name of the fragrance. On the other hand, the very light beige color of the previous Nomad has disappeared, in favor of a much more sustained and warm shade. The leather tie attached to his collar, meanwhile, is darker than before, almost evoking the ocher color of the land of desert regions.

Nomade Absolu de Perfume, a fragrance made of sensuality

In perfect harmony with its visual, the composition of Nomade Absolu de Parfum is also warmer. At first, its top notes are composed of a gourmet, juicy and fruity accord of mirabelle plum. Immediately, this fruit opens our appetite and makes us want to discover the rest of the festivities … Then, oak moss, emblematic ingredient of the previous Nomad, resurfaces. It is here accompanied by davana flower, an aromatic herb growing in India and renowned for its slightly fruity breath. Then, little by little, Nomade Absolu de Parfum moved towards a smoother and creamier territory, linked to the presence of sandalwood. This recipe ends with an animal touch of musk amplifying its seductive spirit.

Ariane Labed as the new wife Chloe

Once again, to embody the image of her fragrance, Chloé has set her sights on actress Ariane Labed. Photographed by photographer Peter Lindbergh, this pretty brunette invites us once again to conquer faraway lands and meet unknown cultures. Ariane Labed here symbolizes the emancipation, freedom and desire for discovery of women today. At the same time, it is also a nod to Gaby Aghion, founder of Chloé, who said in her time: “My colors come to me from Egypt”.

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