The Perfume For a Man by Caron

The Perfume For a Man by Caron
The Perfume For a Man by Caron
The Perfume For a Man by Caron

 Caron’s legendary Pour un Homme returns in the form of a Perfume

Perfumery is an art that requires a deep daring associated with a perfect mastery as well as a particularly developed sense of creativity. These ingredients make it possible to obtain exceptional fragrances, some of which have lasted through the decades. This is particularly the case with the perfume Pour un Homme by Caron . Created in 1934, it never seems to have aged a bit and many celebrities admit their attraction to this perfume. Also, as if to create a new chapter in the history of this legend, the Caron house has decided to reinvent it in a brand new version called Pour un Homme Parfum.

The origins of Pour un Homme

Pour un Homme is a fragrance that today celebrates more than 80 years of existence without having been transformed. The composition of this legendary perfume that we currently find on our shelves is therefore indeed the original one. When this perfume was developed in 1934 by Ernest Daltroff, he intended to revolutionize perfumery. In fact, until then, men had only perfumed themselves with Eaux de Cologne. The actual perfumes were rather reserved for women. Caron then took it into his head to restore balance and decided to create a small olfactory revolution. This is how the brand developed an unprecedented association in the history of men’s perfumes. Pour un Homme is a juice with a simple but very harmonious and balanced recipe. After all, why do you want to do too much? Isn’t that the key to going through time?

For a Perfume Man, a real novelty?

Pour un Homme Parfum is a juice that the Caron house likes to present to us as a novelty. In fact, for the record, know that there have already been variations of the perfume Pour un Homme. The first of them appeared in 2005 and was called Impact. This had been developed by perfumer Richard Fraysse, heir to a great line of perfumers, official nose of the Caron house. This first variant was followed by a Millesime version in 2014, to celebrate the 80 years of the perfume, as well as a Sport version in 2015. So, what about the composition of Pour un Homme Parfum?? In fact, this juice is exactly the same as Impact. It contains the same ingredients and the same concentration of fragrance. Only its name and packaging have been transformed to make it more modern and more attractive to today’s consumer. The Pour un Homme Parfum recipe is therefore based on a syrupy and aromatic blend of lavender, vanilla, amber and musk.

The unchanged bottle of Caron

Pour un Homme Parfum comes to us in an imposing visual with a resolutely masculine stature. Its black glass has been lightly smoked. Thus, it degrades starting from a green base. The whole is very elegant and is also decorated with a metal plate matching its cap. Everything becomes even more modern. The masculinity of this perfume is omnipresent and the whole displays a perfect harmony between its visual and the fragrance contained in this bottle.

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