The nose job

The nose job
The nose job
The nose job

Focus on the nose job

When you ask a child what job he wants to do later, it is quite common to hear a firefighter or police officer for boys and a school teacher for girls. Even if it may seem cliché, admit that very few of them will answer you that they want to become a perfumer , and for good reason… The nose job is still relatively unknown and is intended only for very few chosen ones. In fact, there are only around 300 such professionals in the whole world. So, how about knowing more about this extraordinary profession?

What is the profession of a perfumer?

A nose is a professional smell who spends most of his day breathing plants, synthetic molecules, extracts, woody materials and all kinds of substances. His sense of smell is so developed that he is able to recognize up to 5,000 different smells! Also, beyond his sense of smell, the perfumer must be endowed with an overflowing creativity allowing him to develop an infinite quantity of perfumes. Finally, in addition to this artistic inventiveness, the nose must be endowed with talents of chemistry allowing it to assemble these different elements. The perfumer then develops the perfumes touch after touch, over multiple trials and entire years of work. Some of them display a worldwide fame and thus seem endowed with a real gift.

France, favorite territory for noses

Also, if very few elected officials are destined for this profession, it seems that France remains their territory of predilection. Indeed, cosmetics and perfumery are sectors which weigh particularly heavily in our economy and which invest more and more in the luxury sector. Perfumery today affects women as much as men and it is in France that most of your fragrances are produced. Indeed, the region of Grasse is today recognized as being the world capital of perfumery. This is where most perfumers are trained. The latter can then come into direct contact with the many flowers growing in this sunny and Mediterranean place. Likewise, many prestigious perfume schools dot the whole of our country.

Perfumery, a daily exercise

Also, all noses say, smell is a sense that must be worked on daily to be sharpened to its maximum. This is why, before being a profession , being a perfumer is above all a passion. Thus, many training courses offer the basics of this profession. However, nothing beats practice to deepen your technique. The noses are therefore exercised on a daily basis in order to evolve and to soak up in depth the most beautiful fragrant extracts on the planet. What is more, technical advances are such that perfumery today seems to have the only limit that is inventiveness.


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