The new Terracotta Ultra Matte

The new Terracotta Ultra Matte
The new Terracotta Ultra Matte
The new Terracotta Ultra Matte

Maintain a healthy glow even in winter with Guerlain Terracotta Ultra Matte

When Olivier Echaudemaison remembers the release of Guerlain’s Terracotta , he explains: “We were the first to offer a bronzer with a natural effect. It was revolutionary at a time when makeup was all artificial ”.

Quickly, this product was classified as a Guerlain bestseller, to the point of selling a small case every 20 seconds! Even today, Guerlain Terracotta continues to reinvent itself and evolve with the times. This is how the Terracotta Ultra Matte was born.

The ingredients in Terracotta Ultra Matte

Guerlain’s Terracotta Ultra Matte is intended for women who want to maintain a healthy glow all year round but also prefer to opt for a natural finish. This offers absolute mattness but does not spoil the finesse of its powder and its naturally warm color. What is more, Guerlain seems to have put all of its skincare expertise at the heart of this product.

In addition, Terracotta Ultra Matte contains a revitalizing complex based on vitamin C and vitamin E. This has an antioxidant power and helps the skin to appear more beautiful day after day. Likewise, Terracotta Ultra Matte also contains moisturizing active ingredients to ensure the comfort of your face throughout the day. Finally, know that it is also sublimated by a fragrance based on orange blossoms, freesia, tonka bean and vanilla.

It is a concentrate of sun on the skin!

Guerlain’s application advice

To apply this powder correctly, nothing could be simpler: you just need to perform a “3-step gesture”. To do this, apply Terracotta Ultra Matte to the rounded areas of your face, starting with your forehead, going through your cheekbones and ending with your chin.

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