The benefits of Sisley’s Phyto Compact Powder

The benefits of Sisley’s Phyto Compact Powder
the benefits of Sisley's Phyto Compact Powder
the benefits of Sisley‘s Phyto Compact Powder

Uniform your skin with lightness thanks to Sisley’s Phyto Compact Powder

The Sisley house is a true specialist in beauty and today offers a particularly wide range. Its know-how is both in the skincare, makeup and perfume sector. Moreover, it very often happens that these different universes intersect. Thus, many of Sisley’s makeup products contain nutrients that enhance the skin day after day. This is the case with the Phyto Compact Powder. This new generation product sublimates the epidermis and naturally makes it more uniform. So let’s take a closer look at this staple of female beauty.

Compact powder, what is it?

The compact powder in general is used to set the foundation, to even out the skin and to mattify the face. This is a product that gives a more velvety impression to the face. Thus, the compact powder is particularly recommended for all people who tend to have an oily skin and excess sebum. The compact powder has the same function as the loose powder. On the other hand, it has the advantage of being much simpler to apply and of being carried more easily in any handbag. Thus, it will allow you to carry out small makeup touch-ups during the day.

The many benefits provided by Sisley’s Phyto Compact Powder

Sisley’s Phyto Compact Powder has more than one trick up its sleeve. Like all compact powders, it helps to even out the skin and obtain a radiant complexion over the entire face. However, it retains a certain transparency and lets the epidermis breathe. The Phyto Pressed Powder Sisleyabsorbs excess sebum and acts as a kind of talc. In this sense, it mattifies the face and prevents the skin from shining. Its extremely fine texture is both pure while preserving the hydration of the skin from early morning until evening. Benefiting from all of Sisley’s expertise in skincare, Phyto Compact Powder is enriched with many natural active ingredients. It contains in particular mallow, camellia and lime. These three ingredients help to soften and protect the epidermis. They act as a kind of shield that protects your face from daily assaults. In other words, Sisley’s Phyto Compact Powder erases small imperfections while preserving your skin for the long term. The pores are minimized and visibly tightened. Finally,

How to apply Sisley’s Phyto Compact Powder?

Sisley’s Phyto Compact Powder is applied using the small powder puff provided in its case or with a brush. These instruments allow you to take the right amount of powder. The Phyto Compact Powder is then applied to the middle part of the face and is then used to stretch the product outwards. Do not forget to apply it on your stroke to avoid the demarcations. Finally, its compact size allows it to be taken absolutely everywhere, which will facilitate your small makeup touch-ups during the day.

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