Sun Care Summer 2014

Sun Care Summer 2014

Even if the cold is still very present, summer is fast approaching… It is time to cheer up by purchasing our future sun care products. After having properly prepared your skin before sun exposure, it is essential to know how to take good care of it during the summer . The skin is more and more fragile and sensitive during the summer period, it is constantly put to the test and for reasons: UV rays, sea salt, pool chlorine, pollution … All these elements damage your skin without you. you realized it. Some tips to remember, to remedy it, in two steps.

Sun Care Summer 2014

Sun Care Summer 2014
Sun Care Summer 2014

Women’s Sun Care – How to protect my skin during exposure?

I choose a sunscreen or an oil (it doesn’t matter what works best for me) that is suitable for my skin type, light, dark or very dark.

Clarins- Strong Sun Protection Box
Clarins- Strong Sun Protection Box

Make sure that your sunscreen protects your skin against UVA and UVB rays. Depending on your phenotype (the type of skin), I recommend that you use a sunscreen adapted to this one. For fair to very fair skin, I will use a cream with index 40 or 50+. Conversely, if your skin is darker or even very dark, the index will be much lower. 20 or 30 will suffice. Sunshine conditions must also be taken into account. Always remember to apply the cream or oil well before exposing yourself. The sun’s rays dehydrate your skin by reducing the amount of water present in your body. The treatment that you will use will give you the necessary supply of water to your skin.

If you use a cream with the “waterproof” formula, beware! This does not exempt you from applying it every two hours like a classic sunscreen. Because when you wipe off the cream goes away!

Biotherm - Sun Milk SPF 15
Biotherm – Sun Milk SPF 15

To take care of my skin during my exposure to the sun:

For fair skin: I opt for the Strong Sun Protection set from Clarins. The set contains: a Sun Spray Gentle Fluid Milk SPF 50 , an Anti-Wrinkle Face Sunscreen SPF50 75ml, an Intense Rehydrating Regenerating After-Sun Balm 30ml

Clarins protective and repairing sun care products offer the most wonderful of tans, the one that beautifies the skin while preserving it.

For dark skin: I opt for Body Sol a ire SPF 15 milk from Biotherm. Tip: SPF 15 ideal for resistant, very exposed skin or sensitive skin with little exposure. Apply just before exposure. Renew the application frequently and generously. The irresistible caress of Biotherm milk is melting, deliciously scented with citrus fruits. Milk becomes such a pleasure for the skin that it cannot do without it. Protecting yourself from the sun becomes a moment of pleasure, a real delicious ritual …

Sisley - Sunleya Anti-Aging Sun Care SPF 15
Sisley – Sunleya Anti-Aging Sun Care SPF 15

For mature skin: I opt for Sunleÿa SPF 15 Face Sun Care from Sisley. It protects against photoaging and the harmful effects of the sun without preventing tanning. It will protect and also promote your skin to better photo-protection. If your skin is well tanned at the end of your stay, use an oil to enhance your tan.

After-Sun Care – I protect my skin after being exposed to the sun, yes, but how?

After hours in the sun, your skin has heated up. During your shower, after washing your skin, think about soothing your skin and refreshing it, by moisturizing it. Ideally, it is advisable to wash with a pH neutral shower gel.

Guerlain Terracotta After Sun Cream
Guerlain Terracotta After Sun Cream

Ensuite, appliquer une crème après-soleil. C’est une étape très importante, qu’il ne faut surtout pas oublier, car c’est à cet instant que vous allez nourrir et réparer votre peau. Cette méthode permet également de favoriser la tenue de votre bronzage. Si vous ne possédez pas de lait ou crème après soleil, vous pouvez aussi utiliser une crème hydratante classique.

Pour les peaux deshydratées, j’opte pour : Terracotta After Sun Cream de Guerlain.  Terracotta After Sun Cream est le 1er soin après-soleil Terracotta, doté du complexe exclusif Guerlain, le Tan Booster, pour magnifier, rehausser et prolonger le hâle. Appliquer sur le corps le soir après la douche, au retour de la plage et des vacances pour prolonger le bronzage bien au-delà de l’été.

Sun Bronzer Lancôme
Soleil Bronzer Lancôme

Pour les peaux asséchées et/ou abimées, j’opte pour Soleil Bronzer Après Soleil de Lancôme. Une peau réhydratée et un hâle prolongé : Une formule au système Longtan hydro-adoucissant (glycérol, extrait de pêche) pou réhydrater la peau.
Résultat : une peau apaisée, réhydratée, et un effet bronzé durable !

Se laver les mains après utilisation. Éviter les sourcils et la racine des cheveux.

Sisley - Sunleya Anti-Aging After-Sun Care
Sisley – Sunleya Soin Apres-Soleil Anti-Age

Pour les peaux matures, j’opte pour Sunleÿa Soin Après-Soleil Anti-Age de Sisley. Un soin complet après-soleil et anti-âge pour répondre à l’ensemble des besoins de la peau après l’exposition solaire. Réparer la peau stressée par l’exposition au soleil. Prévenir les signes extérieurs du vieillissement cutané. Préparer idéalement à l’exposition solaire du lendemain. La peau est apaisée et rafraichie immédiatement, réhydratée durablement. Elle est visiblement plus lisse et lumineuse. Le bronzage est uniforme et dure plus longtemps.Un soin complet après-soleil et anti-âge pour répondre à l’ensemble des besoins de la peau après l’exposition solaire.

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