Soon Poison Girl Eau de Toilette

Soon Poison Girl Eau de Toilette
Soon Poison Girl Eau de Toilette
Soon Poison Girl Eau de Toilette

Dior celebrates one year of its latest perfume Poison Girl with the creation of its Eau de Toilette

The news has just fallen and promises to delight fans of the house of Dior… The naughty girl of the sign had made her appearance in the form of Poison Girl , in January 2016. Also, to celebrate her birthday with dignity, this one will return soon, in January 2017. To do this, Dior offers us a variation of its scent in the form of an Eau de Toilette. So, let’s see what it is about this juice and above all, what about the Dior woman: has she calmed down with age or, on the contrary, has she gained in arrogance?

The exuberant femininity of Dior

Upon release, Poison Girl emerged as more than just a scent. He was presented as the embodiment of Dior’s new femininity. Also, the sign seemed to want to do battle with its often too wise image. To do this, she conveyed the image of a provocative, casual and sexy femininity. The message could not be clearer and this young blonde girl next door did not hesitate to shout loud and clear: “I am poison!” This one thus returns in the same way as her elder: feminine, made up, decorated with a neckline and brandishing her raised fist! The new Poison Girl Eau de Toilette is a kind of updated version of the original but dedicated to the same types of women, “more free, more daring and more virtual than ever”.

The new Poison Girl Eau de Toilette

Once again, Poison Girl Eau de Toilette is the work of perfumer François Demachy. This has been the exclusive nose of the Dior house since 2006 and has always shown great audacity.

Also, it materializes once again through this confusing juice. Poison Girl Eau de Toilette essentially revolves around three aromatic facets. It begins with the invigorating freshness of bitter orange, an ingredient already present in Poison Girl, bringing here a tangy and particularly fresh start. Then, this one is followed by the feminine flower par excellence: the rose of Grasse. This one is cultivated in France, in the Provencal region, and in fields specially intended for the elaboration of fragrances for the house of Dior.

Finally, it all ends with solar sunshine based on neroli. Decidedly, the new woman Poison Girl intends to shine with a resplendent radiance and turn the head of anyone who crosses her path! As always, everything is contained in the iconic apple-shaped bottle of Dior. It was created in 1985 by designer Véronique Monnot. This time, it comes back in a transparent version giving us a glimpse of its pink juice and thus echoing its main ingredient. The whole is surmounted by an opaque black cabochon. The play of contrasts of this design is striking. It thus reflects all the duality found in the scent of the new Poison Girl Eau de Toilette.

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