Sisley Tropical Water perfume

Sisley Tropical Water perfume
Sisley - Tropical Water
Sisley – Tropical Water

Sisley’s Tropical Water and its exotic breath

Sisley is a creative house whose ambitions are far removed from the sometimes too commercial standards of the current major brands. She prefers, above all, to let her emotions speak. However, it must be admitted that Sisley has an unfortunate tendency to take us on trips. The brand has a very pronounced taste for other cultures and each fragrant breath emanating from its workshops plunges us into a universe often located beyond our borders. So, if we are to believe the name of its Eau Tropicale fragrance, it’s a safe bet that it is no exception to the rule …

Sisley’s desires elsewhere

To make this new fragrance, Sisley was inspired by the mysterious atmosphere of a tropical forest. Thus, this perfume is all at the same time: mystery, warmth, exuberance and freshness. His belonging to these distant lands materializes as soon as he sees his bottle. This has a cylindrical shape covered with a purple base. It echoes the semi-darkness gradually gaining the dense vegetation as the sun sets over the horizon. Likewise, Eau Tropicale has a pretty parrot on its front face. Thus, Sisley invites us to follow the bird plunging into the jungle, for a journey that promises to be exotic. Finally, note that this container is also sublimated with a transparent sculptural cap and that it thus responds to the tradition of Sisley,

A perfume composed by Domitille Bertier

The production of Eau Tropicale was then entrusted to the perfumer Domitille Bertier. A discreet young woman, she comes from one of the most prestigious perfume schools on the planet: ISIPCA in Versailles. Having to her credit many creations, the latter is characterized by her love for feminine perfumes. Each of his works is filled with poetry, making our senses travel from his first breath. However, it is precisely all this that is found in the composition of Sisley’s Tropical Water.

The exotic tropical water recipe

Sisley’s Tropical Water has a very rich and very elaborate recipe. Thus, its complexity is the perfect echo of the multitude of flora and fauna contained in distant forests. Eau Tropicale begins with a fresh and dazzling combination of bergamot and hibiscus. The frangipani flower, for its part, brings here a solar delicacy still enriched with passionflower. The ginger then spices up this start, making it more incisive and more aphrodisiac. Then, a floral heart quickly takes over. L’Eau Tropicale combines the romanticism of the rose with the poetry of tuberose. The leaves of violets, for their part, give this juice a more vegetal and powdery appearance. Finally, the whole gradually gains in depth and sensuality. Eau Tropicale ends with a trio of cedar, patchouli and ambrette seeds.

After the famous perfumes Sisley Eau du Soir, Eau D’Ikar, Eau de Sisley, Eau de Campagne and the Sisley Eau I, II and III collection, the house of Sisley launched its new fragrance Eau Tropicale in March 2014. The fragrance is reminiscent of the Sisley Eau I, II and III collection. atmosphere of a tropical forest after storm and rain.

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Perfume – Tropical Water

Eau Tropicale de Sisley reminds us of a walk through the tropical forest, after the passage of strong heat, the rain has taken place and leaves behind notes of chypre.

Sisley - Tropical Water - Pub
Sisley – Tropical Water – Pub

Sisley Eau Tropicale is a fragrance that begins with exuberant notes of bergamot, exotic ginger blossom, hibiscus, and passion fruit. The composition develops with a heart of fresh violet leaf, Turkish rose and tuberose. Its base mixes cedar and patchouli with ambrette seed with a musky character.

Bottle – Tropical Water from Sisley

The Eau Tropicale bottle by Sisley is transparent with purple and violet colors on the logo and the bottom of the bottle. A parrot is inserted, emblematic animal of the tropical forest. It is decorated with a cap which was designed by Polish artist Bronislaw Krzysztof. The creator of the Eau Tropicale bottle by Sisley was inspired by previous bottles in the Eau collection. The perfume will be available as an Eau de Toilette 100 ml.

Woman Perfume

Famille Olfactive : Floral – Frais

Note de tête : Bergamote, Gingembre, Hibiscus, Fruit de la passion

Note de coeur : Feuille de violette fraîche, Rose Turque, Tubéreuse

Note de fond : Cèdre, Patchouli, Graine d’ambrette

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