Sisley Phyto-Foaming Paste

Sisley Phyto-Foaming Paste
Sisley Phyto-Foaming PasteSisley Phyto-Foaming Paste
Sisley Phyto-Foaming Paste

Phyto-cosmetology is a concept at the heart of Sisley creations, which consists of using the best plant extracts in order to obtain cosmetics of very high quality. Each plant extract contains active ingredients that have a specific action. The association of several extracts then makes it possible to optimize the action of each of them. Sisley offers an adapted and comprehensive response by optimizing the action of these phyto-cosmetological extracts. Sisley drew his inspiration from the heart of plants and established himself as one of the forerunners of phyto-cosmetology , which has become his DNA. Here, Sisley presents “Phyto-Foaming Paste”.

The magic of a mild soap-free cleanser in Sisley Phyto-Foaming Paste

Sisley “Phyto-Foaming Paste” gently cleanses your skin while respecting the epidermis of each skin type. Sisley’s “Phyto-Foaming Paste” will leave your skin clean, fresh and supple without drying it out. The “Phyto-Foaming Paste” has been specifically formulated to gently cleanse while respecting the epidermis of each skin type. The choice and combination of surfactants have been particularly chosen with the aim of cleaning your face without irritating the skin. The formula is enriched with shea butter, which nourishes, soothes, repairs and softens. It also contains essential oil of cypress, which purifies, essential oil of geranium, which purifies and tones as well as sunflower oil which nourishes, softens and revitalizes. This formula is 100% natural and soap free.

Sisley Phyto-Foaming Paste, advice for use

It is advisable to apply your ”  Phyto-Foaming Paste  ” on a moistened face with your fingertips or with the “Soft Brush” in circular movements. Then rinse with plenty of water before applying the appropriate lotion for your skin type.


Sisley “Phyto-Foaming Paste” cleanses your skin and also respects your epidermis, without soap. In an instant, your face regains its purity and natural beauty.

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