Sisley – Moonlight

Soir de Lune Contemporary art in perfumes
Sisley - Moonlight
Sisley – Moonlight

Romantic night walk under a fragrant Moonlight Evening

A true institution in the field of beauty products, the Sisley family house has made a place for itself in the heart of perfumes with Eau de Campagne, the very first Sisley fragrance released in 1976. Since only Eau du Soir has come to renew the very selection of Sisley fragrances. This is certainly one of the reasons for their success.

By offering the lovely Soir de Lune in 2006, the D’Ornano couple filled lovers of their fragrance with luxury raw materials and refined scents with happiness. Always as perfectionists in their work of composition, the D’Ornano couple do not hesitate to assert that the birth of Soir de Lune took them 6 years of development, a fact extremely rare in the era of marketing perfume.

Alongside Dominique Ropion, Sisley was able to create an idyllic and artistic atmosphere at this Soir de Lune which definitely has nothing to do with the scents of his time. Between retro chypre scents and ultra modern fruity and gourmet notes, Soir de Lune offers us a walk hand in hand at a time when the scents of flowers mingle with woods and fruits to enchant us better.

Regarding the communication campaign of Ce Soir de Lune inspired, no bombastic advertising spot but rather a sketched walk in a pink Paris to the rhythms of the brushstrokes of a talented painter. The Sisley house, in love with Art in all its forms, has created an artist’s perfume with an atmosphere depicted as the precious painting of a sunset.

“This alliance between mystery and fascination, between elegance and sensuality guided Hubert and Isabelle d’Ornano in the choice of its name, a name which sings of the beautiful and distant Moon, carried by an ancient magic and its power of attraction …” Sisley for Moon Night.

Sisley’s Moon Night or the beauty of a modern chypre

By choosing Sisley’s Soir de Lune box, you will not only enjoy the mosaic scents of this lovely olfactory promenade but also the high quality of the Sisley range of treatments. The Soir de Lune scented cream thus distills the flavorful notes of the perfume while nourishing your skin with a smooth, non-greasy touch. As for the scented shower gel, it will adapt to the fragility of your skin to offer you a perfumed scent as pleasant as the pretty perfume bottle.

Discovering Soir de Lune is also offering yourself the fragrant delights of an extraordinary and timeless fragrance. Upon entering the fragrance, the zesty freshness of bergamots, mandarins and lemons will be pricked by the intense heat of the spices. Then the heart with rare elegance will play notes of Rose de Mai centifolia, mimosa, jasmine and lily of the valley to better curl up in the velvety velvety of a delicious powdery peach of the luxurious iris. Finally the woody sensuality of musks, cedars, patchoulis and sandals will come to capture you in mysterious nocturnal treasures where only the gluttony of honey will not be able to free you from this powerful addiction.

“A designer fragrance inspired by a personal and artistic universe. Moon Night is the night when love is declared. Original and unique, this fragrance reveals an assertive personality. Sisley for Moon Night.

Soir de Lune is an initiate’s fragrance, original and unique, elegant, intense and rich; a large floral contemporary chypre.

Sisley - Moonlight
Sisley – Moonlight

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A designer perfume, imagined by Madame Isabelle d’Ornano, Soir de Lune reveals with sensuality and attraction a perfect alchemy between the freshness of crystalline zesty notes, the femininity and elegance of floral notes, and the character of woody and musky notes.

An elegant and pure bottle, a sculpture stopper created by the Polish sculptor Bronislaw Krzysztof, a case evoking a white night spangled with stars: such is the setting for Soir de Lune.

It sublimates extracts of the highest quality, the most beautiful natural essences from the best provenances.

Sisley Soir de Lune – Scented Cream

Sisley Soir de Lune - Scented Cream
Sisley Soir de Lune – Scented Cream

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The Moisturizing Scented Cream Evening of the Moon:

  • nourishes, hydrates, softens and revitalizes the epidermis
  • protects against free radicals
  • instantly penetrates and leaves a silky, non-greasy finish on the skin
  • intensifies the subtle notes of Soir de Lune.

Sisley Soir de Lune – Perfumed Shower Gel

Sisley Soir de Lune - Perfumed Shower Gel
Sisley Soir de Lune – Perfumed Shower Gel

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Enrichi d’extraits végétaux adoucissants et tonifiants, le Gel Parfumé Douche et Bain :

  • laisse la peau douce, satinée et subtilement parfumée
  • sa formule respecte la fragilité de l’épiderme et son équilibre physiologique
  • procure une mousse fine et onctueuse, pour un bain raffiné.

Parfum Femme

Famille Olfactive : Chypré – Fruité

Notes de Tête : Agrumes, Coriandre, Piment, Muscade.

Notes de Coeur : Rose, Mimosa, Pêche.

Notes de Fond : Mousse, Patchouli, Miel, Musc, Santal.

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