Serpent Bohème, all of Boucheron’s jeweler know-how in a feminine scent

Serpent Bohème, all of Boucheron’s jeweler know-how in a feminine scent
Serpent Bohème, all of Boucheron's jeweler know-how in a feminine scent
Serpent Bohème, all of Boucheron’s jeweler know-how in a feminine scent

The Boucheron brand is a true icon of French jewelry. As proof, it is the oldest jewelry house to have settled on Place Vendôme. Founded in 1858, Boucheron never ceases to dazzle us with its luxurious adornments. However, she also makes perfumes, just as refined to dress the necks of women. Today, these two universes are united in an essence called Serpent Bohème, inspired by a previous collection of Boucheron jewelry.

Serpent Bohème, the perfume of a free and emancipated woman

Serpent Bohème by Boucheron is a fragrance that recalls the name of a jewelry collection dedicated to the iconic Boucheron snake. Indeed, this protective animal, symbol of infinity, has always deeply inspired the brand. First, Boucheron decided to make a finely chiseled collection, designed in gold, and highlighting all the brilliance and beauty of diamonds. Today, it is precisely all this luxury that is invited in a unique perfume for women. Serpent Bohème is a juice designed for a confident and daring woman, endowed with an assertive and liberated personality. “Serpent Bohème embodies a free spirit,” explains perfumer Anne Flipo, “independence, and elegance of course, without conventions or diktas. It celebrates day-to-day life, guided by beauty and dreams. The perpetual rebirth of the snake that shifts,

Serpent Bohème’s scale flask

Obviously, the Serpent Bohème bottle is reminiscent of the eponymous jewelry. Thus, his bottle is covered with scales, while being flooded with gold. This precious material appears both in the color of its juice as on its cork or on its name. It is contrasted by an elegant black satin braided tie at the neck, as if the Serpent Bohème bottle itself had a necklace. Everything is contained in a very luxurious box, itself covered with scales, highlighted by white embossing.

Serpent Bohème, a floral bouquet signed Boucheron

Serpent Bohème by Boucheron is an absolute embodiment of femininity. Thus, it consists of a floral explosion, dominated by rose and jasmine. The rose turns out to be voluptuous, luminous, fresh or delicious. Sambac jasmine, meanwhile, is more solar. The whole is airy with mandarin and blackcurrant. Finally, Serpent Bohème ends with a more musky base, completed with patchouli, cistus labdanum and sandalwood.

Joséphine le Tutour, muse of Serpent Bohème

On screen, Boucheron’s Serpent Bohème is portrayed by French top model Joséphine le Tutour. Winner of the Elite Model Look competition in 2011, she is one of the most influential figures in fashion. Her frank and direct gaze perfectly matches the image of this fragrance. With her hair down and dressed in a white blouse, Joséphine le Tutour obviously wears the Serpent Bohème necklace. Elegant and emancipated, she is a muse of choice for this feminine essence.

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