Serge Lutens – Vitriol d’Oeillet

Serge Lutens – Vitriol d’Oeillet
Serge Lutens - Vitriol d'Oeillet
Serge Lutens – Vitriol d’Oeillet

Serge Lutens will launch in July 2011 Vitriol d’Oeillet, a new woody floral fragrance that will complete the range of Serge Lutens niche perfumes  :

Vitriol d’Oeillet

This new fragrance will feature spicy notes including cayenne pepper, black pepper, pink pepper, nutmeg and clove, and is described as slightly powdery.

“The flower of elegance, which adorns the costumes” Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens - Vitriol d'Oeillet - Pub
Serge Lutens – Vitriol d’Oeillet – Pub

Vitriol d’Oeillet is a tribute to the British dandy-thug in northern Europe, in London in the 19th century, who wore a white carnation in their buttonhole… and a bowler hat.

And in the south of Europe in Sicily. Mafiosi wear a red carnation in their buttonhole… and a borsalino.

The eyelet… 2 colors. 2 men. 2 territories. … Flower of duplicity? … Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde?

In alchemy… To make vitriol is to separate the pure and the impure from the philosophical matter. The transformation of metals … but also of the human being: A poison which transforms the being! Vitriol d’Oeillet is a dangerous perfume, which reveals a hidden personality. A perfume in the buttonholes. A carnation that hides its game well … Elegant, dangerous and fatal. A dandy. An eyelet in the buttonhole. A top hat that hides the eyes. Gentleman or ripper? A scent of anger. A scent of danger.

Serge Lutens Vitriol d’Oeillet will be available as an Eau de Parfum 50 ml.

Women’s Perfumes

Olfactory family:  Floral – Woody

Head note: Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper, Pink Pepper, Clove.

Heart note: Nutmeg.

Base note: Clove.

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