Serge Lutens – Rahat Loukoum

Serge Lutens – Rahat Loukoum

Serge Lutens - Rahat LoukoumFrom the black number to the all-black spray …

Rahat Loukoum

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“With the Nombre Noir perfume, I predicted in 1980 – because it was the precise time of its conception – black on black, followed by tone on tone. In addition, it was also the only time that a brand did not put its signature or logo on the packaging. This vaporizer, in fact, was devoid of anything other than black.

It is up to each for him to decide what he would be. When the idea of ​​a Serge Lutens vaporizer was imposed, I did not see the point of rethinking an object I simply had to make it possible for the pocket or any other transport.

All the pleasure of Turkish delights… Turkish delights, scented with rose, mint, fines or pistachios, covered with confectioner’s sugar and presented in a medium-sized box protected by tissue paper.

Women’s Perfumes

Olfactory family: Oriental.

Head note: White Almond.

Heart note: Cherry Core.

Base note: White Honey.

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