Scandal by Night, the new Gaultier fragrance

Scandal by Night, a fragrance for the night
Scandal by Night, the new Gaultier fragrance
Scandal by Night, the new Gaultier fragrance

Scandal By Night, femininity and exuberance by Jean Paul Gautier

Famous for his striped sweater and platinum blonde brush, Jean-Paul Gautier is an unconventional designer. He entered perfumery thanks to the feminine fragrance Classique, released in 1991. A great success of the creator, Classique is a perfume which embodies the eternal feminine according to Jean-Paul Gautier. Among his great olfactory successes, we note Le Mâle, Kokorico and Ma Dame. The Scandal perfume was born in 2017 and perfectly matches the provocative and sexy side of its creator. Building on his success, Jean-Paul Gaultier will offer a variation the following year with Scandal By Night.

Scandal By Night, the frivolity of the night in the heart of a perfume bottle

Scandal By Night is faithful to its elder and takes back its DNA. However, it wants to be here for more intense than this one. The Scandal By Night woman fully assumes her love for the nightlife, but knows, from the morning, how to be serious and become “Madame La Minister” again. We then see his split personality, frivolous and serious.

The universe of Scandal By Night is undoubtedly that of the night, always more intense, festive and above all uncontrollable. Perfumers Daphné Bugey, Fabrice Pellegrin and Christophe Raynaud have signed here a fragrance with a feminine, daring and sexy image for an exclusive rendering. Woman of character and woman of power, the Scandal By Night woman takes advantage of the sensual and wanton night.

The bottle uses the same codes as that of its predecessor, bewitching and sulphurous. Rounded, the bottle is topped by an irresistible pair of legs in an inverted position. The powder pink suggests femininity and seduction, and its base is darkened for the occasion by a raspberry color, as if to accentuate its intensity under the effect of neon lights in the sulphurous nights of Pigalle. Scandal’s advertising reflects this image.

Scandal By Night’s exaggerated femininity

The composition of Scandal By Night takes off on tuberose, an ultra-luminous white flower that dazzles with its femininity. The heart is full of honey like Scandal. Honey gives the composition a very sweetness, but also ultra gourmet tones. Finally, the base is very sensual and combines sandalwood and tonka bean, for an unforgettable trail. Incarnated by the superb Vanessa Axente in the role of Madam Minister , Scandal By Night highlights the extreme beauty of this young Hungarian model while perfectly materializing the duality of a woman of power who loves the night and all its pleasures.

A variation of Scandal, Scandal By Night is a fragrance that is both feminine and ultra sexy. Provocative, the Scandal By Night woman is the image of her creator Jean-Paul Gaultier, who here offers a fragrance with a magnificent olfactory duality. More intense than its elder, Scandal By Night is the scent of feminine and uninhibited women.

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