Nonchalance in the This is Her! and This is Him!

Nonchalance in the This is Her! and This is Him!
Nonchalance in the This is Her!  and This is Him!
Nonchalance in the This is Her! and This is Him!

The nonchalant poetry of This is Her! and This is Him! in Zadig & Voltaire advertising

This is Her! and This is Him! are the two new names of the Zadig & Voltaire house perfumes. Like the latter, they are elegant while displaying a certain rebellious and nonchalant spirit. On the one hand, the woman has a bottle with pure white lacquering. On the other, facing him, the Zadig & Voltaire man is more rebellious, entirely tinged with black. Both are simple yet very elaborate. Also, this is exactly the philosophy that can be found in the advertising for This is Her! and This is Him! by Zadig & Voltaire.

A collaboration between Zadig & Voltaire and the greatest artists of the moment

To produce this television spot, Zadig & Voltaire seems to have put the small dishes in the big ones, and for good reason… In fact, it is one of the very first house fragrances to appear in a television advertisement. Also, Zadig & Voltaire wanted to strike a big blow. Thus, this advertising campaign was shot by the talented photographer Fred Meylan. He was able to capture the emotion on the spot of the two Zadig & Voltaire muses in order to transmit the best of their emotions to us. On the woman side, it is the sublime Joséphine Le Tutor who is responsible for playing the role of This is Her!. For men, Zadig & Voltaire called on model Sam Lammar. Both form a couple that everything opposes and yet so harmonious. They were staged in a film directed by Emmanuel Giraud. However, the real surprise of this advertisement is rather its soundtrack. Indeed, this one is signed by Tristan Casara, alias The Avener, a French DJ that everyone is tearing. This musician and producer even signed an exclusive title here for the brand called We Belong, name used for the title of the advertising film in question.

Decryption of the television scenes from This is Her! and This is Him!

The film is entirely designed in black and white. It begins with a crazy evening in which we can already guess the electro sound of the decks of The Avener. Then, the image stops for a moment on two bottles lost on white sheets. What happened that night? Nobody knows. Anyway, the story suddenly takes us to a bridge on which stand Josephine The Tutor dressed in white and Sam Lammar dressed in black. Both immerse us in their memories and short scenes follow one another in the image. A big engine, a few guitar notes, a drenched evening, a light that electrifies, lovemaking… The sequence ends with a portrait of the two muses of Zadig & Voltaire. “This is Her! This is Him! »For a bit and it almost seems that Sam Lammar and Joséphine Le Tutor embody their own characters as the result is bluffing of harmony and poetry not without being associated with a touch of nonchalance.

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