Sauvage Le Parfum the new ultra virile breath of DIOR

Sauvage Le Parfum the new ultra virile breath of DIOR
Sauvage Le Parfum the new ultra virile breath of DIOR
Sauvage Le Parfum the new ultra virile breath of DIOR

Sauvage The Perfume

Eau Sauvage was the very first great male perfume of its time and the various bottles that the Dior house subsequently created did not fail to follow in its wake, both sassy, ​​innovative and always very elegant. By offering Sauvage in 2015 , Dior chose to define once again a new masculinity between the brutality of mineral notes and the nobility of aromatic and fresh notes. And when Dior announces an even more powerful version in 2019 with Sauvage Le Perfume, what can we expect?

When Sauvage becomes woody and deep with Sauvage Le Parfum

Impossible not to know the man who has been making the best of men’s perfumes from the house of Dior since 2015 , Sauvage of course! With its striking contrasts between intense freshness of citrus notes, a heart of mineral-lavender notes and the burning virility of exotic vanilla woods, Sauvage has stolen all the favors of these gentlemen to such an extent that it is today the bestseller of Dior. almost ready to come and dethrone the one to whom he pays homage by name, Eau Sauvage.

In 2018, Sauvage even offered the ultimate luxury of playing the game of variation with Sauvage eau de Perfume, which will play with spices and ambroxan to create even more intense shadows and lights. Yet Sauvage le Perfume, which will be released in 2019, will prove to us that the official perfumer of the Dior house still had a lot to say in this composition that he will again remodel with a crazy talent to offer it the woody and ultra virile shadows he had thought of from his very first creation when Sauvage was still only a vial called Wild Wild West.

“A perfumer never goes in one direction. […] So I worked on three different tracks. An exclusively woody, a spicy woody and this one that has been chosen, aromatic woody amber. I had chosen him for the code name Wild Wild West. »François Demachy about the creation of Sauvage for ELLE.

Sauvage Le Perfume, the ultra virile composition of François Demachy

If Sauvage Eau de Parfum released in 2018 could have suggested that it has already offered everything that Sauvage had most powerful to offer us, this Sauvage Le Parfum of 2019 will quickly show us the opposite! Indeed, Sauvage Eau de Parfum used the construction in contrasts between intense freshness of citrus fruits and depths of ambroxan to come to distill the famous signature of lavender spiced with black pepper but also the burning nutmeg.

This time, no spices or lavender for Sauvage for the Perfume. Because if it opens with the invigorating freshness of mandarin and bergamot characteristic of the Sauvage range, its heart composed only of the suave warmth of sandalwood opens the doors to its burning virility. A virility which will find in the depths of tonka bean, olibanum resin and vanilla a sensual echo of the fiercest, or rather… of the wildest?

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