Reminiscence and its fragrance Patchouli L’Eau

Reminiscence and its fragrance Patchouli L’Eau
Reminiscence and its fragrance Patchouli L'Eau
Reminiscence and its fragrance Patchouli L’Eau

Patchouli l’Eau, the sweetness of patchouli to make you dream

After the success of “Patchouli” and “Patchouli Élixir”, the Réminiscence brand presents “Patchouli l’Eau”. The latter is as elegant as its predecessors, but nevertheless wants to be much more airy. Zoé Costes and Nino Amaddeo founded the Réminiscence brand, thanks to their travels and their endless inspirations. Zoe and Nino meet in the 60s, when the hippie movement is in full swing. At first, Reminiscence was like a big bazaar loaded with scent and original jewelry, until lovers imagine “Patchouli” . In 2009, they presented a magnificent version “Patchouli l’Eau”.

Patchouli l’Eau, patchouli remains the star of the Réminiscence fragrance

Patchouli is a tropical plant native to Indonesia. Initially and in many countries, patchouli is used for medicinal purposes. In perfumery, patchouli stood out on the grand boulevards of Paris at the start of the 19th century. Indeed, this is where cashmere shawls from India and Indonesia were sold. In order to protect the shawls from moths during transport, they were coated with patchouli leaves. Its powerful smell is immediately noticed and the “Parisian casseroles” seized on this perfume considered then as the perfume “of evil”.

Patchouli will experience its heyday in the 60s and 70s. So assimilated to the freedom of manners, to the hippie movement, as well as to “flower power”, patchouli becomes the perfume of a whole generation. Nowadays, patchouli is a luxurious raw material, an ingredient of choice for many olfactory compositions. Patchouli offers very powerful tones, both woody and smoky.

Patchouli l’Eau and the evocation of a poetic and modern India

“Patchouli l’Eau” reminds us of a journey, a journey that has been the very essence of the Réminiscence brand since its creation. Here, and through patchouli, India is in the spotlight, a poetic and modern India. “Patchouli l’Eau” takes off on already very woody notes for top notes, namely cedarwood from Virginia, sandalwood from Australia.

The heart of “Patchouli l’Eau” is sublimated by the presence of patchouli from Indonesia, benzoin from Siam, vanilla, which gives the composition a most delicious appearance. Finally, the base of “Patchouli l’Eau” is deliciously sensual thanks to the presence of Toul balm, tonka bean and white musks.

As for the bottle, it takes, of course, the main codes of its elders. Rectangular and sober, we notice once again the beauty of the glass.The bottle lets glimpse the beauty of the transparency of the composition, as if to echo the water. Its label and cap here feature a pale pink color for an ultimate touch of femininity.

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