Prada perfume Prada Candy L’Eau

Prada perfume Prada Candy L’Eau
Prada perfume Prada Candy L'Eau
Prada perfume Prada Candy L’Eau


Discover the new Prada Candy L’Eau de Prada fragrance…

Prada Candy L’Eau

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Combining freshness with the joy of living, the new fragrance signed Prada takes on the face of a young woman named Candy. Evoking in her features the femininity imagined by Prada, Candy turns out to be attractive and unexpected, both epicurean and enigmatic.

The countless facets of Candy’s personality reflect the breadth of notes that come together to bring Prada Candy L’Eau to life. Sparkling, elegant and casual, the spirit of this fragrance exudes Candy’s optimism and her way of enjoying the present moment.

Prada – Prada Candy L’Eau

The fresh and cheerful character of Prada Candy l’Eau is based on a mixture of bright and deliciously addictive notes. This fragrance was created from ingredients of exceptional quality by perfumer Daniela Andrier under the artistic direction of Miuccia Prada: a triptych around White Musks, Benzoin and Caramel, is sublimated by citrus accords and notes. floral to give birth to a sparkling composition.

Prada - Prada Candy L'Eau case
Prada – Prada Candy L’Eau case

The harmony of Sicilian Mandarin and Organic Lemon causes a joyful explosion and an invigorating sensation for the senses. Our fabulous journey begins: the effervescent and colorful top notes give a
zest of lightness to the fragrance.

Our journey now takes a floral turn, thanks to a heart note that blossoms in a divine Oriental bouquet around Sweet Peas. Quintessence of the spring flower, the Pois de Senteur unveils a new
palette, fresh and luminous.

Prada – Fragrance Prada Candy L’Eau

Pleasure and gluttony are at the heart of the deliciously addictive trio of White Musks, Benzoin and Caramel.
A White Musk Cocktail: The silky and powdery texture of White Musks gives the fragrance its sophisticated and sensual character.
An Overdose of Benzoin: The high concentration of Benzoin, a resin from a tree in Laos, the Styrax, brings warm and suave balsamic notes evoking a honey with delicate accents of vanilla.
An Addictive Caramel: Rich in vanilla notes, Caramel embraces the feminine and joyful character of the fragrance and offers it a subtly addictive touch of originality.

Prada - Prada Candy L'Eau Pub
Prada – Prada Candy L’Eau Pub

Prada – Prada Candy L’Eau case

The Prada Candy L’Eau case radiates with its freshness and femininity, which offer a harmonious palette adorned with nude and gold tones. Playing with both audacity and vintage spirit, the ensemble reveals a most sophisticated allure. The bottle distills the luminosity of its fragrance through the roundness of its glass drop. The luxurious Prada headband and the half-moon pump mixing black and gold reveal a touch of light. The case is also adorned with nude tones. Taking up the codes of the bottle, it is underlined by fine golden borders framing a texture reminiscent of the
emblematic Saffiano leather of the brand. The Prada Candy logo is embossed on a shiny black band. When opened, the case reveals a refined Art Deco print, which highlights the vintage design of the bottle. Its geometric shape
refers to the shape of the pump and is reminiscent of the lining of Prada bags.

In the press campaign, Léa Seydoux, hypnotic and enigmatic, brings the bottle to her eye. Her subtly pink lips, her fresh complexion and her radiant blondness underline the luminosity of the bottle and the fragrance. The
gold-colored Prada logo inlaid on the Saffiano-effect leather gives the whole a natural touch of elegance that perfectly suits the embodiment of Candy.

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Olfactory family: Floral

Head note: Citrus, Floral Notes.

Heart note: White Musk.

Base note: Benzoin, Caramel.

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