The Scent for Her Hugo Boss Eau de Parfum

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The Scent for Her Hugo Boss Eau de Parfum is a 2016 Floral Fruity Gourmand Perfume by Hugo boss for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Peach, Freesia. Middle notes are Osmanthus. Base notes are Cocoa.

The Scent for Her Hugo Boss Eau de Parfum
The Scent for Her Hugo Boss Eau de Parfum


Boss The Scent for Her, an oh-so-seductive fragrance

The two fragrances are the incarnation of the ideal couple, according to Hugo Boss… The Hugo Boss house was initially a ready-to-wear brand created in 1924 by the tailor Hugo Ferdinand Boss. Clothing for men, then for women, the Hugo Boss house turned to perfumes in the 1980s… A great success.

Boss The Scent for Her, the couple is finally created!

This perfume for women is presented as a floral, fruity and gourmet essence. In addition to the aromatic richness, “Boss The Scent for Her” plays on the register of femininity and seduction. On this point, this perfume resembles its male counterpart. The trendy character of “Boss The Scent for Her” also echoes the clothing collections of the Hugo Boss house. The fragrance opens with juicy notes, such as peach, which is reproduced here thanks to synthetic molecules. It is associated with the pleasure and seduction of freesia, a delicate flower. The heart is mainly loaded with osmanthus. The composition stops with notes of roasted cocoa, which accentuates the greedy and carnal side. The “Boss The Scent for Her” woman is solar, captivating, elegant and oh so seductive!

The “Boss The Scent for Her” bottle

The bottle of “Boss The Scent for Her “is a little gem… It looks like a pretty cage all in precious glass. This glass is transparent to make room for the intense amber colored juice. The energy released by this color is just waiting to come out of its cage and explode … The lines of the bottle are refined, and its shape offers soft curves to remind the femininity of the perfume. The bottle is then fitted with a gold metal stopper, which provides an exceptionally elegant finish. With an exceptional fragrance, an exceptional model… In order to embody the “Boss The Scent for Her” woman, the Hugo Boss house called on Anna Ewers, a German model. To form “the ideal couple”, she will be accompanied by Theo James, Hollywood actor, who has already represented “Boss The Scent”.

“Boss The Scent for Her” is a feminine perfume in the image of its male counterpart, imbued with seduction… Exceptional fragrances, majestic bottle, the Boss house has made every effort to create a magical perfume, which embodies the elegant woman, captivating, sensual and seductive. Floral, fruity and gourmet, the composition “Boss The Scent for Her” has not finished talking about her …

With the new collection initiated in 2015 by Boss The Scent, the perfume house Hugo Boss sought to change its positioning on the market by asserting itself with more mature and even more luxurious fragrances. Only one woman was missing to join this now male bestseller, only a year later this will be done with Boss The Scent for Her who arrives with her seductive notes largely at the height of his male alter ego.

Boss The Scent For Her, an elixir of seduction to share!

The house of Hugo Boss, although having created its very first perfume in 1982, enjoyed worldwide success with Hugo in 1995. From then on, Hugo Boss perfumes embody a young and conquering, fresh and dynamic spirit which will be found in each new fragrance of the brand. However, in 2015, Hugo Boss will attempt the challenge of making his favorite scent target age and mature with the magnificent Boss The Scent.

Boss The Scent will be composed by the talented and inspired Bruno Jovanovic. He will infuse perfumery unnecessarily designed for young people with a new, more elegant but also radically more sensual spirit, not hesitating to assert this Boss The Scent as an aphrodisiac perfume. The success is immediate and the gamble won hands down.

How can we imagine that this irresistible Boss The Scent man is not accompanied by an equally charming woman? The following year, in 2016, Boss the Scent For Her joined his alter ego to whisper in his ear and nostrils divinely appetizing and flowery scents that will hit home with women.

” In line with the ultra-feminine creative vision of Jason Wu, artistic director of Boss Women ready-to-wear, the brand is launching a brand new eau de parfum, each emanation of which is the reflection of a stage of amorous conquest. “& Nbsp; Vogue about Boss The Scent For Her.

The aphrodisiac and greedy scented cocktail of the woman Boss The Scent For Her

Curiously, the name of the perfumer of Boss The Scent was displayed as soon as the fragrance was released while the one behind Boss The Scent For Her remains unknown. Maybe the female version of the aphrodisiac cocktail was created by the talented Bruno Jovanovic himself? Either way, this in no way detracts from the elegance and beauty of the ingredients used to create Boss the Scent For Her, which, like its alter-ego, is largely made up of luxurious essential oils. / p>

Boss The Scent For Her opens with fruity and velvety peach accords mixed with a delicate freesia flower . At the heart, the pretty and relatively rare osmanthus flower plays with its light and dark facets to establish a silky breadcrumb trail between the intense luminosity of the top notes and the greedy darkness of the base notes. Finally, the roasted cocoa envelops with its strength and its gluttony any prey that has fallen into the neck of a woman scented with Boss The Scent For Her…

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