Amarige Givenchy Eau de Toilette

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Amarige Givenchy Eau de Toilette is a 1991 Floral Woody Fruity Cologne by Givenchy for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Dominique Ropion . Top notes are Peach, Plum. Middle notes are Orange Blossom, Neroli, Jasmine, Cassie, Ylang ylang, Tuberose. Base notes are Amber woods, Vanilla, White musks, Sandalwood, Ambergris.

Amarige Givenchy Eau de Toilette
Amarige Givenchy Eau de Toilette


Amarige, the perfume of love par excellence

Great personalities like Jacqueline Kennedy, the Duchess of Windsor or Princess Grace of Monaco, then become his loyal customers. It was, however, the meeting with Audrey Hepburn that inspired him to numerous models. His first perfume, “L’Indit”, is also dedicated to him. Its name “The Prohibited” comes from the fact that Audrey Hepburn did not want “her” perfume to be marketed. In 1991, Givenchy unveiled “Amarige”, a very floral fragrance.

Amarige or Marriage?

If the name of this perfume “Amarige” seems strange to say the least, it was not chosen at random. In fact, “amarige” is the anagram of the word marriage. “Amarige” is therefore unquestionably the scent of love, marriage and happiness, an ultra romantic fragrance. “Amarige” reflects the union between two beings who love each other, the happiness of being two, the magic of love. The “Amarige” woman is cheerful, full of life, she is elegant and attractive. She is undoubtedly a radiant woman, and one is easily carried away by her joie de vivre. “Amarige” is not only the essence of marriage, but also that of love with a capital A, the true, the beautiful, the sincere love. Like this woman radiant with happiness, the composition “Amarige” is a floral bouquet that shines with beauty, gaiety and sensuality.

It is the perfumer Dominique Rapion, who was in charge of developing the fragrance of love. Conceived around union and purity, the composition is a mixture of white and yellow flowers… Love and the sun. “Amarige” opens with a floral accord, that of violet flower and orange blossom. Added to this are some fruity notes of peach and plum. The very feminine heart and could not be brighter, is composed of mimosa, gardenia, tuberose, neroli, jasmine and ylang-ylang. The base is sensual and enveloping thanks to the presence of vanilla, white musks, sandalwood and cashmeran. Shiny and elegant, the bottle reflects the composition. He identifies with an aura of light and all of his feminine grace seems to emerge from the bottle. The cabochon in opaque white,

Like all Givenchy feminine perfumes, we find refinement, beauty and elegance… “Amarige”, an anagram of the word “marriage” is the essence of the happiness of being two, of love and therefore of marriage. Its floral fragrance is particularly feminine and delicious. Elegant and luminous, the “Amarige” woman is at the heart of romance. If Amarige were a song, it would most likely be Edith Piaf’s “Hymn to Love”.

Since its beginnings in perfumery in the 60s, the Givenchy house has offered women precious and delicate bouquets of flowers with surprising and sparkling personalities. In the 90s when the trend did not really lend itself to it, Dominique Ropion continued the Givenchy bouquets of flowers in an Amarige that was both deliciously classic but also daringly modern and fruity.

Amarige, Dominique Ropion’s ode to happiness for Givenchy

For the house of Givenchy, in particular for Hubert de Givenchy, women have never ceased to be a source of inspiration for both haute couture collections as well as for perfumes. Moreover, from the first bottles of Givenchy feminine perfumes such as Le Dé or L’Interdit, flowers are the stars of fragrances intermingled with pretty woody or sweeter facets.

Thus the flowery notes would be like this. say the hallmark of Givenchy women’s fragrances. Dominique Ropion also fully participated in these scented bouquets of flowers by first offering the pretty chypre Ysatis in 1984 then the dazzling Amarige in 1991. Moreover, the Givenchy label is a kind of lucky charm for the perfumer. who became known for his colorful jasmine composition for Ysatis.

Anyway Dominique Ropion will know how to redraw flowers for Amarige as well as he knew how to do it for Ysatis. But, a sign of the times which are changing, Amarige will no longer be a pretty chypre but no longer a gourmet floral, wanting to be the bearer of the feminine luminosity par excellence.

“Feminine. Air. Gorgeous. Amarige embodies the very essence of femininity with absolutely radiant sweet and sweet notes. »Givenchy for Amarige.

Flowers, fruits and woods for an Amarige perfume with exacerbated femininity

In 1991, Dominique Ropion had already worked on a good number of perfumed compositions and his fame is already well established. Yet Amarige will be the means for the perfumer to highlight a rather recent style of perfumery which combines classic scents and synthetic accords resulting from chemistry. This will make Amarige a perfume that will perfectly blend the prestigious past of Givenchy and the daring avant-garde style of Dominique Ropion.

Thus Amarige opens with notes of peach and plum that are will echo the blackcurrant note of the heart. These fruity notes, still rare in the perfumes of the 90s before the release of Angel, will mark the biggest novelty brought by this fabulous Amarige. But all of Dominique Ropion’s talent will come from his ability to combine these original notes with opulent but much more classic flowers such as orange blossom, tuberose, rose, jasmine or neroli. Finally, amber woods, vanilla, sandalwood and white musks will coat Amarige in a veil of feminine sensuality…

“Radiant and spontaneous, the Amarige woman has a charming smile that reflects her appetite for life. “Givenchy on Amarige.

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