Musc Extrait Extrait de Parfum


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Musc Extrait Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Bruno Acampora. The notes of this fragrance are Musk, rose, violet, jasmine, cloves, amber, patchouli, sandalwood.

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Is the new Musc Extrait the perfect form for Bruno Acampora’s widely beloved Musc? After all, while the classic oil is still renowned for its originality, depth and jaw-dropping longevity, and the Eau de Bruno spray is similarly worshipped for its versatility, sensuality and warmth, the Extrait encompasses all of this and more. Still steadfastly true to the deep, damp earthiness of the opening and the toe-curling pleasure of the richly comforting drydown that follows, Musc Extrait ups the ante with a satisfying floral sweetness that appears after the first spray and lingers through the gorgeous evolution that follows. It’s everything you know and love about Bruno Musc- only even better.
“The Extrait of perfume is the holistic expression of Acampora’s collection. An ideal point of contact between the pure undiluted Essences (oils) and the classic Eau de Bruno (Eau de Parfum). Extraits are highly concentrated with fragrant oils and the purest aromatic ingredients.??

Musc Extrait Extrait de Parfum
Musc Extrait Extrait de Parfum

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