IKKS Young Man Brasil IKKS Eau de Toilette

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IKKS Young Man Brasil IKKS Eau de Toilette is a 2016 Aromatic Fruity Cologne by IKKS for kid. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Bergamot, Pineapple, Melon. Middle notes are Marine note, Clary sage, Cardamom. Base notes are Vanilla, Cedar, Sandalwood.

IKKS Young Man Brasil IKKS Eau de Toilette
IKKS Young Man Brasil IKKS Eau de Toilette


IKKS Young Man, the teenage collection

They also consist in broadening the target of potential clients of perfumers and in initiating them into the olfactory world from an early age. This is why IKKS develops perfumes for teenagers. Young men are thus entitled to their own essence called Young Man. However, it would seem that this one has the heart to the festival. IKKS has just made a limited edition called Young Man Brasil.

IKKS Young Man, the teenage collection

Over time, IKKS has become a major player in perfumery, offering its essences for a very wide audience. Thus, its perfumes for women play the glamor card while those for men are more virile and those for children are filled with spontaneity. However, one common aspect brings together all of these products: modernity. Like all IKKS perfumes, Young Man Brasil is therefore a very urban juice and fully anchored in the current era. At the same time, IKKS Young Man has always been a fragrance intended for young adventurers and children who love freedom. It was ideally designed for all those who dreamed of adventure and escape. However, it seems that these desires for elsewhere this time pushed the young IKKS boys to the other side of the Atlantic.

Young Man Brasil, the Amazonian fragrance from IKKS

IKKS Young Man Brasil appears to be the third limited edition of its original fragrance. This time, he takes us towards the Amazon rainforest. Thus, he is proving to be more adventurous than ever. Its bottle has a silhouette similar to that of its predecessors. However, its color is stronger than before. This one displays a bewitching gradient evolving from green to dark blue. The whole is similar to the shade of a tropical forest on which the brilliant yellow of an equatorial sun comes to rest. This is how its name is displayed on its front face. On the scent side, cheerfulness is also part of the game. Young Man Brasil begins with a fruity flavor of bergamot, pineapple and melon. This colorful swirl here releases immense freshness. Besides, it continues in its heart through the presence of a marine accord. The latter is enriched with aromatic tones of sage and the sweetness of cardamom. These raw materials are worked with tenderness and gradually become sweeter until a trail of vanilla, cedar and sandalwood escape.

Young Man Brasil is a concentrate of good humor. It is both a very assertive juice without going too far from the world of childhood. Thus, budding adventurers can only be conquered!

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