Hugo Now Eau de Toilette Hugo Boss

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Hugo Now Eau de Toilette Hugo Boss is a 2020 Aromatic Aquatic Cologne by Hugo boss for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Frank Voelkl . Top notes are Cardamom, Lemon. Middle notes are Lavender, Mint, Marine note. Base notes are Vetiver.

Hugo Now Eau de Toilette Hugo Boss
Hugo Now Eau de Toilette Hugo Boss


Hugo Now: Hugo boss’s new fragrance

& nbsp; It must be said that the brand does everything possible to keep the legend alive… Year after year, Hugo reinvents himself and reveals different facets of his personality. This time, the emphasis is on the present moment and the desire to live life to the fullest. Hugo Boss‘s new essence is called Hugo Now, a juice aimed at all urban adventurers of our time.

Hugo Now, the scent of a free and indomitable man

If luxury is a very compartmentalized universe, Hugo Boss likes to take us beyond its borders, to the true limit of decorum. Hugo Now invites the man who wears it to live according to his desires, even if it means surprising. Whoever wears this perfume gladly accepts challengers and rejects material goods. Only his desires and his quality of life seem to guide his choices. Hugo Now’s motto has remained the same as that of its predecessors: “Don’t imitate, innovate! “. With this fragrance, each man is free to live in his own way, without worrying about what to say. Forget stereotypes and assert your own personality. Hugo Now is the scent of an individual identity. It addresses the adventurer who lies dormant in you and then encourages you to embrace the impossible. With Hugo Now, sixteen the moment!

Hugo Now, an aromatic thrill

As in the past, Hugo Now comes in a simple but contemporary bottle. Its shape is directly inspired by that of a gourd. After all, what could be more essential to the survival of man than to provide him with water? Unlike its former glass, its walls are now frosted. Inside this container, Hugo Now’s perfume radiates a color between blue and gray, infinitely masculine. Only the name of Hugo stands out from the whole. The whole is also surmounted by a small silver screw cap, attached to its bottle by a blue fabric tie, emblematic color of masculinity .
From then on, it only remains for us to discover the scent of this new essence. It all starts with an icy and startling thrill. Hugo Now’s top notes consist of cardamom and lemon zest. Then, one of the most emblematic ingredients of men’s perfumery arises in his heart. Lavender here deploys a Mediterranean and aromatic scent. Its power is also amplified by the exhilarating presence of mint. Finally, Hugo Now ends with a more woody, charismatic and virile touch of vetiver. Hugo Now only fully reveals itself over the hours. Displaying a remarkable tenacity, it warms up little by little until it gains a more masculine and fully authentic territory.

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