Elixir des Merveilles, the Hermès perfume

Elixir des Merveilles, the Hermès perfume
Elixir des Merveilles, the Hermès perfume
Elixir des Merveilles, the Hermès perfume

Elixir des Merveilles d’Hermès, a fragrance synonymous with enchantment

Entering the Hermès house is like entering a fascinating universe. The emblematic address of the brand is located at 24, Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in Paris. If you have the opportunity to go there, you will find precious fabrics, enchanting scents and all kinds of magical and luxurious items. Inspired by this magical universe, Hermès designed a perfume called Eau des Merveilles, in 2004 . A veritable whirlwind of happiness, it was a perfume calling for dreams. Today, this charming potion resurfaces and offers us a new emotion. This time it is called Elixir des Merveilles and envelops the skin in a new sensuality.

Elixir des Merveilles, a more whimsical juice

Elixir des Merveilles d’Hermès takes us from surprise to magic and from magic to enchantment. With him, the atmosphere is dreamlike and no one really knows if we are in reality or in a dream. Rewritten by Jean-Claude Ellena, official perfumer of Hermès, the olfactory score of Elixir des Merveilles appears more playful and sparkling than ever. This is an enchanting, tempting and greedy elixir. This version is also more focused and festive than its predecessors. Elixir des Merveilles appears to be the third magical part of this collection. This juice appeared just after L’Eau and Le Parfum des Merveilles d’Hermès. He was born in 2006, radiating his joie de vivre for more than 10 years in the feminine scent landscape.

The candied delicacy of Elixir des Merveilles

Elixir des Merveilles d’Hermès is both sensual and mischievous. It gives us unexpected scents of candied orange, vanilla sugar and biscuit. Candied orange makes its appearance from the start of this composition, combining with a mixture of pulpy citrus fruits and chocolate. Hermès gives us here a real delight! Then, this burst of gluttony continues with a note of tonka bean and vanilla biscuit. Sugar and milk make it a totally irresistible treat. Elixir des Merveilles gradually becomes more sensual. Its recipe ends with an oriental and woody trail made of oak, incense, ambergris, resins from Peru and Siam.

The bottle of Elixir des Merveilles, a ball of energy

The Elixir des Merveilles d’Hermès bottle takes up the silhouette of its elders. It displays a round shape and sits like a rocking horse. This tumbling effect gives it a particularly original air. His heart is bulging like a magnifying glass and this time opens up a new vision for us on the world of Hermès. Now the color orange is everywhere. It must be said that it has no equal to embody liveliness and dynamism! The whole is also covered with a shower of stars. The bottle of Elixir des Merveilles is particularly luminous. Its silver stars are like a stellar rain. The set is also topped with a silver cap with integrated spray. Thus, Elixir des Merveilles d’Hermès offers a quick and fun way to perfume yourself.

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