Ennui Noir Parfum Extrait


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Ennui Noir Parfum Extrait is a fragrance by UNUM. The notes of this fragrance are Lavender, myrtle, cedar, heliotrope, patchouli, vanilla, vetiver

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With Ennui Noir, a fragrance unlike any we’ve experienced, UNUM invites us to engage with stillness in a daring and mystical new fashion. Boundlessly deep, hypnotically tranquil, this scent seems to possess an elemental potency, deploying sweet, weightless florals, crisp myrtle and a gently smoky cedarwood and vetiver combination that stirs beneath the placid surface like the electricity of an approaching thunderstorm. A languid vanilla and cloudy patchouli only further perpetuate the captivating complexity, signalling marvelous sophistication without ever raising the volume above a constant and soothing hum. Despite the name, Ennui Noir is anything but boring; rather, it presents a meditative challenge of thought over action meant for those with the spiritual fortitude to find deep meaning beneath still waters.

Ennui Noir Parfum Extrait
Ennui Noir Parfum Extrait

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