Eau de toilette 1 Million Paco Rabanne

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Eau de toilette 1 Million Paco Rabanne is a 2008 Woody Amber Fruity Cologne by Paco Rabanne for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Christophe Raynaud Michel Girard , Olivier Pescheux Olivier Pescheux. Top notes are Lavender, Mandarin, Mint, Grapefruit. Middle notes are Cinnamon, Apple, Pink. Base notes are Amber woods, Iso E Super, Patchouli, Vanilla, Vetiver.

Eau de toilette 1 Million Paco Rabanne
Eau de toilette 1 Million Paco Rabanne


1 Million: Chic, luxury and impertinence for an original fragrance

The shocking chic concept is the envy of people, the Paco Rabanne house is accused of using too much “bling-bling” or even being misogynist, yet all this is only lightness and second degree, it suffices to smell the fragrance!

1 Million or the concept of the “beautiful, rich and famous” taken to its extremes

In order to succeed the beautiful “Black XS” very rock, it was necessary to create at the same time an extraordinary male perfume and an olfactory and visual story which would correspond scents for scents to the fragrance. One of the Paco Rabanne noses at the initiative of “1 million”, Christophe Raynaud, says that “The Paco Rabanne brand, after ups and downs, restarted with Black XS, something special had to be manufactured. One Million is a juice with a sense of humor […] ”. 1 Thus“ One Million ”, released in 2008, will surf with delight and insolence on a totally“ bling-bling ”and deliberately exaggerated male image of the“ rich and handsome kid. popular “.

The visuals used as the advertising spots of course recall the gold ingot of the bottle, not to mention the precious metal that has always inspired Paco Rabanne haute-couture. As for the hero of the advertisements , he must of course be pretentious and delightfully handsome, hence the choices of models such as Sean O’Pry in one of the last campaigns.

However, “One Million” hardly needs muse, it is rather the intentionally insolent attitude or the famous magic snap of fingers which are in the foreground. The “1 Million” man wants everything and possesses everything thanks to his precious perfume! This does not prevent it from being funny and above all from making an impression thanks to a “communication facilitator”, the snap of the fingers, which plays with male fantasies and a deliberately sulfurous image of an outrageously rich man.

The perfume that was worth “One Million” dollars!

From visuals to bottles, everything is image and the whole “gold” and “luxury” concept works wonderfully. Thus the bottle, like a gold ingot, is stamped with a “Far West” typography reminiscent of the famous conquests of gold. Yet the fragrance is intended to be much more original and brilliant than luxurious, but perhaps the secret of masculine richness is locked in this contrast?

“One Million” captures the curious nose of juicy and greedy mandarin and grapefruit top notes to pair with powerful and delicately spiced aromatics of peppermint and lavender. Then the heart notes will open up to more powerful scents such as cinnamon, to offer the unexpected thanks to the very sweet apple and the rose absolute finally changing from the classic and very (or even too much?) Accord. used geranium. Finally, the strong base notes create the wake of a virile man with an open mind who uses notes of patchouli, white wood and vetiver associated with velvety leathery notes to leave an indelible imprint behind him.

In 2008, “One Million” signed with audacity and ardor the great comeback of Paco Rabanne in the best-sellers of fine perfumery. Moreover, the latter will speak of “One Million” by describing it as “a strange perfume with good vibrations”, a strangeness linked to new codes which will certainly be one of the main recipes of his phenomenal success. “One Million” shakes up the too smooth and too clean universe of masculine fougères perfumes to offer them a blooming, funny and insolent virility, while remaining a symbol of elegance.

In 2008, Paco Rabanne released an absolutely revolutionary gasoline “1 Million”. A masculine fragrance made of gold, “1 Million” reflects excess, opulence, envy and desire. Paco Rabanne, in love with gold material, then decided to make a perfume out of it. The bottle in the shape of a gold ingot is unprecedented in the history of perfumery. Upon its release, “1 Million” is at the top of sales and will remain so for 5 years! “1 Million” is aimed at seductive, confident men. Because it represents both the “Bad Boy” and the “Gentleman”, the “1 Million” gasoline is ultra seductive.

A trio of perfumers in charge of 1 Million

In order to make this daring nectar, Paco Rabanne wanted to call on 3 perfumers, Christophe Raynaud, Olivier Pescheux and Michel Girard. Unlike many perfumers, Christophe Raynaud was not born in Grasse. He succeeded in integrating the prestigious school of perfumery of Versailles, ISIPCA, then was hired by Créations Aromatics, before joining Givaudan. We owe Christophe Raynaud some very beautiful perfumes, such as “Luna” by Nina Ricci or “Jeu d’Amour Élixir” by Kenzo. Olivier Pescheux has a background that resembles that of Christophe Raynaud, since after joining ISIPCA, Olivier Pescheux was hired by Givaudan. He is considered to be a very talented and genuine perfumer. He has already produced beautiful fragrances such as “Legend” by Montblanc, or “Chrome Legend” by Azzaro. Michel Girard, for his part, joined the Givaudan company in 1998. He currently works with major haute couture houses, and his creativity seems limitless. We owe him “L’Homme Lacoste” by Lacoste or “L’Air” by Nina Ricci. All three have decided to make “1 Million” an oriental fragrance, seductive with particularly well chosen ingredients.

1 Million… Between freshness and temptation

As bright and sparkling as gold, the composition of “1 Million” oscillates between freshness, virility, sensuality and modernity . “1 Million” takes off on notes of freshness, those of grapefruit and also blood orange, also very invigorating. These notes are then enhanced by peppermint. The heart continues its path towards spicy tones like those of cinnamon, contrasted with rose absolute, which then offers a very romantic feminine side, but at the very least ambiguous . The base of “1 Million” evolves towards an ultra virile leather-spice accord. The “amber and leather” trail will leave an ultra seductive mark. Here, the blond leather accord is associated with amber notes, as well as patchouli and white woods… Male seduction is then at its peak. Flamboyant and confusing,

“1 Million” is one of the great successes of Paco Rabanne. He will offer her an alter ego with “Lady Million”. The trio of perfumers created an oriental, seductive and contrasting fragrance.

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