The summer scent of La Fille de l’Air

The summer scent of La Fille de l’Air
The summer scent of La Fille de l'Air
The summer scent of La Fille de l’Air

If you are a perfume lover and you had the opportunity to travel with Air France in 2015, then you will inevitably remember the marketing of the La Fille de l’Air perfume , in preview and in partnership with this company. airline company. This did not fail to surprise and partly contributed to the success of this perfume. Also, in the continuity of this daring, Courrèges has once again decided to seduce us and will release, from next May, a summer variation of its scent. Prepare your luggage, La Fille de l’Air Eau d’Eté intends to take you on a trip!

The desire for renewal of Courrèges

However, if La Fille de l’Air caused so much talk in 2015, it is not only for its innovative release on Air France planes. Indeed, this perfume symbolizes a real desire for renewal for the Courrèges brand. In addition, this sign was born in the 60s and was then perfectly suited to the woman of that time. It also symbolized the desire for freedom of women at that time in history. However, many criticized the brand for getting a little older lately. Courrèges therefore undertook major modernization works. Of course, this went first through its ready-to-wear line. Also, the brand’s perfume department soon followed. This is how The Daughter of the Air made its appearance.

In addition, it is a fragrance clearly dedicated to today’s woman. Indeed, contemporary women seem to play several lives in one. Their daily lives are filled with many activities, both personally and professionally. The latter thus seem to evaporate in a snap of the fingers, leaving behind a subtle scented mixture. It is therefore from this image that Courrèges set out in order to develop its perfume …

The new Girl of the Air Summer Water

Of course, La Fille de l’Air Eau d’Eté is very much inspired by its predecessor. We find in particular many common olfactory notes as well as the same symbolism. Likewise, these two olfactory creations are the fruit of the work of the same perfumer: Fabrice Pellegrin. In this case, La Fille de l’Air Eau d’Eté once again puts orange blossom at the center of its composition. This ingredient was already present in its previous version and is therefore ideal for a summer scent. In addition, its solar and luminous smell is particularly appreciable. What’s more, Courrèges has chosen to associate it with the liveliness and dynamism of bergamot. Thus, La Fille de l’Air Eau d’Eté sounds like a real breath of fresh air in everyday life. Furthermore, its alcohol concentration has been greatly reduced so that this scent is absolutely not heady. Its discretion then makes it particularly appreciable on a hot summer day. Likewise, its clean side fits perfectly with the style of the brand’s ready-to-wear clothing line. Undoubtedly, La Fille de l’Air Eau d’Eté could indeed become the ideal companion for your next vacation.

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