Eau de toilette Le Mâle Aviator Jean-Paul Gaultier

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Eau de toilette Le Mâle Aviator Jean-Paul Gaultier is a 2020 Aromatic Fougere Cologne by Jean paul Gaultier for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Mint. Middle notes are Violet leaf. Base notes are Woody Notes.

Eau de toilette Le Mâle Aviator Jean-Paul Gaultier
Eau de toilette Le Mâle Aviator Jean-Paul Gaultier


Jean-Paul Gaultier: the new Male Aviator

& nbsp; However, it is above all on the striped sweater that he has set his sights on, to make it his trademark. This typical fashion piece by Jean-Paul Gaultier is even featured on his most emblematic perfume, since 1995: Le Male. Today, this world famous essence is reinventing itself and giving birth to the new Male Aviator, a fragrance with a particularly military spirit.

The new virility of the Male Aviator

The Male Aviator is for all men who are not afraid to display their part of virility in the eyes of all. If you are an adventurer at heart and are always looking for new challenges to accomplish, this new fragrance is for you! Forget the masculine coquetry of the barbers of yesteryear, honored by the previous Male by Jean-Paul Gaultier. This time, the creator’s perfume switches to a much more masculine and authentic register. Combining tradition and modernity, Le Male Aviator is easily identifiable. Energizing and invigorating, it gradually warms up, until its charisma explodes in the eyes of all! The Male Aviator is designed for men who “aim for the stars with a free spirit. Carried by the wings of ambition, courage in control ”.

The Male Aviator, a woody essence in a military bottle

The obvious masculinity of the Male Aviator jumps out at the sight of his bottle. Thus, this perfume always comes in a bottle in the shape of a male bust. However, the iconic blue color of the Male by Jean-Paul Gaultier has disappeared, in favor of a much more military khaki shade. The protruding muscles of this glass body only amplify his virility. As usual, The Male Aviator comes in a tin-can-shaped case. Here again, the khaki color is omnipresent. On its front face, the name of the Male Aviator by Jean-Paul Gaultier is displayed on a golden star, an iconic symbol worn by military aircraft. In a retro spirit, a pin-up is also displayed on this very attractive box!
Very energizing, Le Male Aviator begins with a powerful scent of mint. Thus, The Male Aviator provides indomitable energy on a daily basis to the wearer. Then, its breath evolves into a more refined heart, based on violet leaves. Very elegant, Le Male Aviator immediately reaffirms its masculinity in a woody base. The Male Aviator displays remarkable tenacity and evolves over the hours. Little by little, he becomes more carnal, until he brilliantly asserts his seduction. Between the uniform, courage and charisma, women cannot resist him!

The Male Aviator by Jean Paul Gaultier, a woody and aromatic eau de toilette

A true icon of perfumery, Le Mâle by Jean-Paul Gaultier never ceases to be talked about. Created in 1995, this masculine fragrance literally propelled the couturier to the forefront, ranking him among the most adored perfumers on the planet. Developed by the nose Francis Kurkdjian, Le Mâle first acquired an oriental and aromatic scent, dominated by fresh mint and lavender. Since then, year after year, it reinvents itself and gives birth to new limited editions of its scent. Today, it takes on a more military look and comes in a new packaging with khaki shades. On the scent side, it is described by the brand as a woody and invigorating eau de toilette. So, let’s see what it is, in more detail, of its new scent.

The return of the iconic violet leaf by Jean-Paul Gaultier

The violet is a flower well known to perfumers, and more particularly to the house of Jean-Paul Gaultier. Indeed, it is the keystone of the entire Le Mâle olfactory range and gives us several facets of its personality, in each of the juices that make up this collection. Yet, if the violet is a flower, its petals cannot be distilled. Only these leaves can give birth to an absolute, used for its green, powdery and slightly earthy scent. Here, coupled with mint, the violet leaf gives rise to a very refreshing scent, a touch of retro, as straight out of a barber shop of yesteryear. Here, in its top notes, for ever more energy and liveliness, this ingredient intertwines with bergamot, citrus fruit from sour orange, with a solar and typically Mediterranean aura. For more ardor and elegance, a shade of geranium has also been added to its composition. This slightly peppery flower reveals all the temperament and strong personality of the man who wears The Male Aviator by Jean Paul Gaultier.

The Male Aviator, the sweetness of the woods and the tonka bean

In addition to this first sensation of freshness, Le Mâle Aviator by Jean Paul Gaultier also offers a very suave side, the gluttony of which comes from vanilla. The tonka bean absolute, for its part, delivers here all its complexity, going from a powdery note to a more almond or toasted finish. This ingredient even slightly reminds some of the smell of a cigar. Here again, Le Mâle Aviator has the gift of immersing us in a retro and typically masculine atmosphere. A woody breath also reinforces the charisma of this essence to give it more persistence. Its wake is then dominated by the presence of sandalwood, a round and warm raw material.
The Male Aviator by Jean Paul Gaultier clearly relies on a very contrasting fragrance. As Jean-Paul Gaultier suggests, it is “a story of seduction and elegance in contrast, which leaves in the sky the woody trace of its ambition”.

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