CK One Calvin Klein Eau de Toilette

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CK One Calvin Klein Eau de Toilette is a 1994 Citrus Musky New Freshness Cologne by Calvin klein for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Alberto Morillas Harry Fremont . Top notes are Mandarin, Bergamot, Dihydromyrcenol. Middle notes are Cardamom, Hedione, Tea. Base notes are White musks, Violet.

CK One Calvin Klein Eau de Toilette
CK One Calvin Klein Eau de Toilette


Ck One: the unisex fragrance from Calvin Klein

However, this success would be nothing without a product that lives up to all its promises. Today, CK One is considered one of Calvin Klein‘s biggest hits. Focus on this juice considered to be the icon of a whole generation.

CK One, a perfume sewn of androgyny

CK One was born in the mid-90s, more exactly in 1995 . In fact, to make this one, Calvin Klein observed his children. He noticed that over time, fashions evolved more and more androgyny. Indeed, men are now particularly numerous to take care of themselves by using, for example, cosmetic treatments. Women, on the other hand, no longer want to take off their pants! Also, to accompany this mix of genres, Calvin Klein said to himself that a perfume was needed in this image. This is how he developed CK One. This essence is considered to be a “social scent”. It is aimed at all individuals in search of authenticity and sharing. CK One cultivates open-mindedness and honesty. It s address then to all those who live their life as they see fit and who dare anti-conformism. The message immediately appealed to young people and sales of CK One soared from the moment of its release. This juice can boast of having created a wave of transparency in the heart of the 90s. It has become the cult perfume of a whole generation and has upset the sense of smell of thousands of teenagers.

The aromatic and emblematic freshness of Calvin Klein

It is the perfumer Alberto Morillas who is at the origin of this olfactory confection. He then chose to create a kind of modern cologne. CK One is essentially based on freshness and has chosen to start its fragrance with a green tea accord refreshed with bergamot. Likewise, CK One has a slightly exotic facet thanks to the sparkling and juicy presence of pineapple. Its heart is more elegant and floral. Its transparency is the result of a blend of rose, violet and hedione. In this sense, it is a slightly powdery juice with an effect reminiscent of jasmine. Spices then come to shake everything. The latter are dominated by cardamom and nutmeg. Finally, CK One gradually warms up to end with a wake of more sensual amber and musk. Its bottle has also become particularly famous. This takes the form of a gourd very inspired by a flask of Jamaican rum. Her figure is also totally androgynous. Its sandblasted glass is very pleasant to the touch and the whole is topped with a screw cap similar to that of a simple water bottle.

The haute couture house Calvin Klein initiated its first steps in perfumery with the sulfurous and very sensual Obsession, yet it was with the very fresh Ck One that glory would come a few years later. It must be said that Ck One really had everything to succeed, a very “trendy” communication campaign, a trendy unisex image but above all an original and refined scent composition. How did Alberto Morillas and Harry Frémont manage to compose this totally revolutionary Ck One with planetary success?

Ck One or the art of reconciling innovations and returns to the roots of Cologne

The 80s and their powerful, opulent and very marked scents either of a sensual femininity or of an exacerbated virility gradually disappear from the shelves to give way to the 90s and their beautiful iodized or flowery freshness . L’Eau d’Issey will open this very natural parenthesis, Eternity by Calvin Klein is heading there and Ck One will not only persist on this path but add the androgynous and innovative touch of the moment that will make it a cult perfume.

Indeed the house of Calvin Klein not only wants to create a unisex perfume to match the lifestyle of the moment but it also wants, according to Alberto Morillas, “a new freshness, a new Cologne, universal, something different ” . The game is risky because the perfume is aimed above all at an American public who sees the citrus scents much more as the smell of a household product than as a perfume…

But Alberto Morillas, perfumer in love with retro Colognes , and Harry Frémont, nose attracted by constant innovation, will combine their talents to offer a Ck One as fresh as it is sensual, as flowery as it is masculine or feminine. Americans and Europeans alike were won over and the whole world adopted this perfume with its many faces.

Between sensuality and beautiful freshness, Ck One the “false fresh”

“CK One is a false expense, it reveals after some time a hidden sensuality with notes of musk, amber and sandalwood. Creating a freshness that lasts is one of the keys to its success “& nbsp; 20 Minutes, Harry Frémont about Ck One.

In fact, not only did perfumers have the idea of ​​using state-of-the-art ingredients such as hedione hc for Ck One, but they in addition the good idea to compose Ck One under three axes at the same time complementary but different: freshness, flowers and sensuality. Bergamots, lemons and mandarins are therefore magnified by the famous hedione note. But the flowers of the heart lend a most delicate feminine aspect to this unisex scent, exhaling jasmine, rose, lily of the valley and iris. Finally, the woody depths of Ck One bring their touch of sensual mysteries, a touch that definitely modernizes this citrus-floral base which becomes not an eau de Cologne but a perfume at the forefront of fashion.

Regarding the incredible success of Ck One, Harry Frémont explained soberly that “Calvin Klein reinvented the perfume by simplifying it”.

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