Paco Rabanne – 1 Million Absolutely Gold

Paco Rabanne – 1 Million Absolutely Gold
Paco Rabanne - One Million Absolutely Gold
Paco Rabanne – One Million Absolutely Gold

The “pure lust” of 1 Million Absolutely Gold

With One Million and its alter-ego Lady Million, the least that can say is that Paco Rabanne knew how to make excess two world-famous perfumes. However if the gold bars are the great success of the house, Paco Rabanne had already proven that he knew how to make perfumes as original as his haute-couture style like Ultraviolet pour Homme et Femme or even Black. XS.

Yet it is One Million that will bring the perfume house Paco Rabanne to the rank of bestsellers with record sales figures. So why not offer this brilliant masculine a new version that is even more luxurious, even more flashy? With One Million Absolutely Gold in 2012 this will be done!

One Million Absolutely Gold goes even further than the original fragrance by offering unique accords built around flashy luxury raw materials such as iris or even rose absolute or oudwood. In addition, the extreme concentration of these scents (16% for One Million Absolutely Gold) make it a true male elixir.

“The new 1 Million Absolutely Gold fragrance, a“ pure fragrance ”with the perfect balance between extreme olfactory saturation and innate refinement. This perfume charms through its accords, its nobility and its signature unlike any other. »Paco Rabanne for 1 Million Absolutely Gold.
As for the visual of this exceptional perfume, it remains as eye-catching as the original bottle. The One Million man and the Lady Million woman pose like two cheeky stars while making the famous snap that everyone knows. Obviously, while One Million Absolutely Gold was designed to be a limited edition, it wasn’t created to go unnoticed!

One Million Absolutely Gold or the praise of the most beautiful scented raw materials

How dare to imagine that the bottle of 1 Million Absolutely Gold did not continue to resemble the beautiful gold bar created for One Million in 2008? And even better, it goes even further by completely covering the glass with a gold film letting the mystery hover over the fragrance that it encloses within it. Is it still a perfume or is it a gold bar? The deep and intense scents of One Million Absolutely Gold will help you answer this question …

One Million Absolutely Gold opens with invigorating notes of blood mandarin, Calabrian lemon and Kalamanzi combined with a dazzling peppermint. At the heart, rose absolute plays with beautiful flowers, while cinnamon, cardamom and black amber bring their powerful winds of spices. As for the praline, it throws on this flowery and spicy fire a surprising touch of gluttony. Finally, the iris will turn into a powdery velvet with a field of sensual wood built around notes of oud wood, patchouli and ebony wood.

“Sensual, offbeat and racy, such is the new 1 MILLION ABSOLUTELY GOLD variation. »Paco Rabanne for One Million Absolutely Gold.

Following the success of the One Million Eau de Toilette fragrance, the Paco Rabanne brand unveils its new fragrance: One Million Absolutely Gold.

Paco Rabanne - One Million Absolutely Gold

One Million Absolutely Gold Perfume

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1 Million satisfies an ultimate fantasy: a unique concentration, in a pure perfume version.

The precious fragrance is protected from view in its famous ingot bottle by a layer of gold trapped in the glass.

One Million Absolutely Gold, a pure eccentric fragrance, with sparkling tangerine and sweet notes at the start, which announces the floral heart notes combined with the base notes composed of leather. Masculinity and power have been given by the leather chords, which make it more refined, manly and powerful.

Bottle One Million Absolutely Gold

The bottle retains the same shape of a gold bar and is available in 100ml. On the outer packaging, you will notice the golden color for the inscription Absolutely Gold.

Absolutely Gold Perfume Ad

Parfums Homme

Famille Olfactive : Boisé – Floral

Notes de Tête : Citron de Calabre, Kalamanzi.

Notes de Cœur : Praline, Ambre Noir, Cardamome Noire, Canelle.

Notes de Fond : Patchouli, Bois d’Ebène.

Découvrez également la version Absolutely Gold de Lady Million pour Femme.

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