Mon Paris Couture, the new YSL fragrance

Mon Paris Couture, the new YSL fragrance
Mon Paris Couture, the new YSL fragrance
Mon Paris Couture, the new YSL fragrance

My Paris by Yves Saint Laurent returns in a Couture edition

Yves Saint-Laurent has always been fascinated by the City of Paris. He spent most of his time there, whether for his own personal development or for professional reasons. He built his love life there and, even if he is no longer today, the Yves Saint-Laurent brand has decided to pay tribute to him through a perfume called Mon Paris . Made in 2016, it has already been reinterpreted as an Eau de Toilette in 2017. Today, Yves Saint-Laurent has chosen to give it yet another new face. Focus on Mon Paris Couture, the brand’s latest addition.

Paris, city of love Yves Saint Laurent

For Yves Saint-Laurent, Paris embodied passion, purity and emotion. He saw in this place a formidable means to escape mores and traditions, and live as he sees fit. At the same time, Paris was also for him a symbol of eternal love. An avant-garde city, it allowed all kinds of stories to flourish, from the most conventional to the most unexpected. Once again, Mon Paris Couture has therefore decided to draw inspiration from feelings. Nevertheless, this is a more floral and more “serious” version of its predecessors. It is no longer a question of frivolous love but of a story made to last for decades. My Paris Couture does not symbolize couture in the sense of the clothes you wear but rather embodies an attitude, an art of shining and standing out.

Mon Paris Couture, a lemony and floral fragrance

On the olfactory level, this translates into a fresh, floral and lemony juice. These are three renowned perfumers who worked on the making of this creation. My Paris Couture is the work of Olivier Cresp, Harry Fremont and Dora Baghriche-Arnaud. My Paris Couture is embarking on a particularly fresh and fruity flight. Bergamot, grapefruit and mandarin unleash a breeze of liveliness on a duo of raspberry and lychee. Then, a bouquet of flowers takes hold of this fragrance, mixing the mystery of datura with orange blossom, white peony, rosebuds and a rose infusion. My Paris Couture by Yves Saint-Laurent ends with a smoother and more comforting base of patchouli, cashmere, white musk and ambroxan.

A bottle belonging to the YSL heritage

Finally, on the bottle side, Mon Paris Couture has the same aesthetic as its predecessors. Thus, it perpetuates the heritage of the very first bottle of Paris, a perfume created in 1963. Its rose elixir gives off a precious and insanely feminine sensation. Its silhouette is made up of multiple facets. Its glass is both robust and very elegant. The set is decorated with a leather bow tie tied at the top of its bottle and attached to an elegant silver cassandre bearing the brand’s initials. Only the satin ribbon of this perfume has swapped its old black color for a pretty black and white polka dot pattern.

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