Ocean Di Gioia, the new fragrance of an adventure at sea by Giorgio Armani

Ocean Di Gioia, the new fragrance of an adventure at sea by Giorgio Armani
Ocean Di Gioia, the scent of an adventure at sea by Giorgio Armani
Ocean Di Gioia, the scent of an adventure at sea by Giorgio Armani

Ocean Di Gioia, Giorgio Armani offers us a maritime getaway

Nature is so perfect and so beautiful that many perfumers make it their main source of inspiration. The Giorgio Armani brand is no exception to this trend and has been developing, for several years now, an olfactory collection using the most beautiful elements of nature. Today, this fragrant blend is growing and welcomes the Ocean Di Gioia fragrance. So put on your swimsuit, we’re heading for the Mediterranean!

Ocean Di Gioia, a marine evocation from the vision of its bottle

Giorgio Armani is an Italian who has always been very proud of his Mediterranean origins. Thus, many of his compositions are inspired by this region of the globe. However, even if the name of this perfume suggests that it is about the ocean, Giorgio Armani readily confesses that his inspiration comes to him rather from the Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, the bluish immensity is even reflected in its bottle. A true concentrate of nature and femininity, the bottle of Ocean Di Gioia shines with a bluish glow. Smooth and unadorned, it is a concentrate of discretion and authenticity. Giorgio Armani relies on subtlety and makes simplicity his ideal. The set would almost resemble a drop of water or a pebble, elegantly topped with a blue gemstone as a cap.

The refreshing and floral scent of Ocean Di Gioia

Ocean Di Gioia owes its existence to perfumers Maryperre Julien and Sonia Constant, who imagined a feminine, natural and invigorating fragrance. Here, the immensity of the many facets of the ocean is evoked. First, Ocean Di Gioia is a concentrate of energy, with a velvety and fruity scent of peach. Then his heart becomes brighter. Undeniably, the sun is shining above the waves. Ocean Di Gioia contains sambac jasmine, a flower widely used in women’s perfumery, with a green, sweet and opulent scent. Little by little, Ocean Di Gioia gains in persistence in contact with the woods. It ends with a tenacious and sensual alliance of sandalwood and musk.

A look back at the history of the Di Gioia collection by Giorgio Armani

Ocean Di Gioia is the newborn of a large perfume collection, initiated in 2010. To pay homage to nature, Giorgio Armani imagined a perfume called Acqua Di Gioia, inspired by the freshness of water and its need for man. Then, different natural elements gave birth to perfumes, whether it is sometimes the sea, the earth, the sky, the air or the sun. All these perfumes are gathered in a collection encapsulating the beauty of our Earth, and making it the source of infinite happiness. Moreover, the word “Gioia” means “joy” in Italian… Quite a symbol! Like its predecessors, Ocean Di Gioia gives thanks to nature and makes it a true promise of optimism and hope.

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