Nina Ricci – Nina Pop

Nina Pop brings color to your life
Nina Ricci - Nina Pop
Nina Ricci – Nina Pop

Nina Ricci brings color to your lives with the new Nina Pop

Notice to all gourmets fans of sweet fragrances: the year 2016 should fill you with happiness and will start off with a bang. Indeed, the emblematic Nina perfume from the Nina Ricci house will already be celebrating its tenth anniversary. Also, the brand intends to make an impression and for the occasion to delight unconditional fans of its cult essence. The atmosphere will therefore be very festive and will essentially revolve around a very arty theme.

Nina Pop, a colorful universe

The main element of this anniversary should be the revisiting of Nina’s bottle in a style much more “arty” than usual, understand very pop and colorful. Also, it will not be a first adaptation of its design and collectors will be able to add one more apple to their panel. In this case, this time, it still retains its apple shape and is none other than a more contemporary interpretation of the fruit designed by the Lalique house in 1952 for the fragrance “Fille d’Eve” by Nina Ricci. Its design was imagined by the French artist Coco. The apple is lacquered in a radiant white color, dotted with numerous small festive circles in shades of red, pink, tangerine, yellow or blue. However, unlike her bottle, Nina’s fragrance remains unchanged.

Nina Ricci throws a real party

However, the Nina event this time goes well beyond her change of bottle. Nina Ricci will open, in this case, a pop-up store. This pop-up store, located at 16 rue Saint-Merri, in Paris, within L’Imprimerie will open its doors from January 28 to February 14, 2016. This new complex located on the edge of the Marais district will aim to attract the young clientele of perfume. Also, the perfume will be entitled to its birthday cake made by Parfumerie de Rêve and wearing its colors. The most greedy can afford it for 17 euros. Likewise, creative workshops will be offered. On the program: the customization of a candy apple. In addition, the Theodor tea house was inspired by Nina to create a tea sold at 24.95 euros per 100 grams. Furthermore, fashionistas will be delighted to know that manicures by Simone will be offered free of charge on Saturdays while Sundays will be reserved for photo shoots. Finally, you can of course get the Nina eau de toilette for 58.87 euros, in its classic version or its limited edition.

The feminine perfume Nina is undeniably an essential classic in the world of feminine perfumery. Indeed, it even claims its place as the first perfume page of Facebook, with more than three million fans. Well, in 2016 these fans will be delighted since the Nina Ricci brand will organize a multitude of events in honor of its star fragrance. Created in 2006, the Nina perfume will celebrate its tenth anniversary ! So, make way for the festivities …

A new very pop style for Nina’s birthday

On the one hand, this anniversary will be marked by a completely new design. Indeed, the visual aspect is one of the strong points of the Nina fragrance. Everyone is familiar with the iconic apple created by the Lalique house in 1952 for the perfume La Fille d’Eve and subsequently used for Nina. The apple has therefore always been part of the DNA of Maison Nina Ricci. However, here it abandons its raspberry color and cutthroat red in favor of a more pop and tangy rendering imagined by the French artist Coco. The design adopts an arty style: all lacquered in white, this case is embellished with dots of multiple colors. Pop-art enthusiasts should be delighted with this new visual!

The gourmet fragrance of Nina Pop

On the scent side, the house did not want to destabilize connoisseurs of gasoline. Also, Nina Pop retains the same aromatic signature as that of 2006, imagined by perfumer Olivier Cresp. Nina’s scent keeps its scent of candy apple, both juicy and sparkling, but also deliciously sweet. Initially, its caipirinha accord makes this essence twirl with its sweet freshness, associating lime with Calabrian lemon. At the heart, a few peony petals increase its sensuality, while the praline becomes more delicious. Then comes this note of fleshy, sweet, vanilla red apple that you want to bite into. Its wake, meanwhile, releases a scent of apple wood and cedar wood while the musks are a delight on the skin.

Events organized by Nina Ricci

Finally, beyond its new bottle, the big highlight of this anniversary will undoubtedly be the activities offered by Nina Ricci. Everything will take place in the Printing House, in a pop-up store, at 16 rue Saint-Merri, in Paris, on the edge of the Marais district. The house will play the card of gluttony with The pastry of dreams, which will offer birthday cakes in Nina’s colors. In addition, it will be possible to customize love apples during creative gourmet workshops. The Theodor tea brand will concoct infusions inspired by Nina. In addition, manicures by Simone will be offered free of charge on Saturdays, while on Sundays, visitors can strike a pose. Finally, they will be able to acquire Nina eau de toilette accompanied by Nina Pop candles.

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