Nina Ricci – Ecstasy Caress of Roses

Nina Ricci – Ecstasy Caress of Roses
Nina Ricci - Ecstasy Caress of Roses
Nina Ricci – Ecstasy Caress of Roses

More than just a perfume, L’Extase by Nina Ricci from 2015 was a real aspirational promise. This one encouraged to release the fantasies. He then plunged us into a world of eroticism and sensuality. Also, at the start of 2016, Nina Ricci has just announced the arrival of a variation of her carnal scent. The new L’Extase Caresse de Roses perfume should therefore see the light of day by March and is announced as being a lighter and clearer eau de parfum than the previous version. This new juice is particularly sweet and sensual. In short, he would be inspired by a naked body just covered with a scented veil.

The eroticism of the house Nina Ricci

In order to embody its very advanced erotic image, the brand Nina Ricci had called upon the elegant Laetitia Casta. This choice was intended to be highly media and glamorous since the muse in question was served by the topicality of her interpretation of Arletty. The latter then revealed all its sensuality in a very carnal advertisement. The cliché was quite classic but no less effective since this campaign took us in an elevator, a place highly symbolic of fantasies, loaded with emotion.

L'Extase Caresse de Roses Perfume
L’Extase Caresse de Roses Perfume

Laetitia Casta was then stripped naked and could not be more credible while she was simulating the role of a woman having an orgasm. The whole was then underlined by a soundtrack of 1995, namely the title Glory Box of Portishead. Although the choice of this theme was particularly daring for the sale of a perfume, the magic seems beautiful and well to have operated. In this case, the choice of the Corsican model was particularly judicious. Laetitia Casta then showed an unfailing sensuality and it is therefore logically she who will be in charge of communication for the new Ecstasy Caresse de Roses.

The sensual scent of L’Extase Caresse de Roses

Likewise, as we do not change a winning team, Nina Ricci once again called on perfumer Francis Kurkdjian.. He then imagined a huge floral bouquet. The idea was to embody a sensuality while poetry and to incite to release the desires of women, even the most secret. He was thus based on the scent of a Turkish rose and a Bulgarian rose. The latter are a great classic of feminine perfumery and immediately give off a floral, fresh and slightly lemony scent. In addition, this sensation is echoed by the peony, the smell of which is however a little sweeter. This plant then exudes extreme elegance and great purity. Violet, on the other hand, brings a greener, powdery and earthy scent. It gives the whole a somewhat retro image that looks great on it. Finally, the musk finished sublimating the whole with its intense, warm and animal scent. This ingredient comes, in fact, increase the sensuality of the whole. On the bottle side, L’Extase Caresse de Roses is contained in a very chic and Parisian setting. Very transparent, it is tinted with a pale pink glass and is embellished with numerous gold finishes. The rendering is then very refined and particularly elegant.

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