New Sisley Ritual Hair Smoothing Wash

New Sisley Ritual Hair Smoothing Wash
New Sisley Ritual Hair Smoothing Wash
New Sisley Ritual Hair Smoothing Wash

Sisley’s Ritual Hair Smoothing Wash, for smoother and softer hair

Sisley is a leading beauty and cosmetics house , renowned for its French excellence around the world. Today, this luxury and skincare giant invites you to discover its new range of hair products. Disciplining, strengthening, soothing, there is something for all tastes and desires. Sisley’s Hair Ritual treatments are entirely dedicated to the health of your scalp and your lengths. They already meet many needs, right from the wash, as evidenced by the Soin Lavant Lissant Hair Rituel.

Moringa oil, a major ingredient in the Rituel Smoothing Hair Wash

The Rituel Smoothing Hair Wash, as its name suggests, gently cleanses the hair while disciplining it. In a simple pass, it makes the hair more supple and softer, deploying on it multiple virtues of natural origin. For this, Sisley’s Ritual Hair Smoothing Cleansing Care bases above all its effectiveness on the use of moringa oil.

This vegetable oil has been recognized for centuries for its exceptional virtues on the skin and hair. Moringa oil is produced from the seed of a tropical tree. It is distinguished from other ingredients by its extraordinary richness. Moringa oil contains fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and proteins,… A remarkable cocktail which is used here to hydrate and protect your hair durably. The Rituel Hair Smoothing Cleanser does more than just clean your hair. Over the course of its use, they become more beautiful and less forked. The Ritual Hair Smoothing Cleansing Care also promotes blood circulation in the scalp. Result: your hair grows faster. They are stronger, shinier and silkier.

All the excellence of Sisley combined with a unique sensoriality

Like all the products in the Hair Rituel range, the Hair Rituel Smoothing Cleansing Care is rich in many natural benefits. What is more, its overall effectiveness acts both at the source of the hair and on its length. If Sisley decided to make a range of treatments specifically dedicated to the hair fiber, it is quite simply because she noticed that its functioning was very similar to that of skin cells.

It is therefore the expertise of Sisley acquired over many decades that resurfaces in this recent range of hair products. What is more, in addition to the exceptional effectiveness of the Hair Rituel range, it should be noted that the Hair Rituel Smoothing Washing Care is endowed with a unique sensoriality. This gentle shampoo transforms its creamy fluid into an airy foam on contact with water. What’s more, it gives off an intoxicating scent of lemon, verbena, amber and peach blossom; a real delight that spreads with your every move!

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