New Sakura fragrance from Dior

New Sakura fragrance from Dior
New Sakura fragrance from Dior
New Sakura fragrance from Dior

Sakura by Dior, a Japanese-inspired fragrance

The Dior Private Collection is all at the same time: luxury but simplicity, modernity and authenticity. Each of the references that make up this assortment tell us a story belonging to Dior’s heritage. It could be a stroll on Avenue Montaigne in Paris, a trip to the 1950s, a walk in an imperial garden, …

Anyway, the Private Collection is a true historical testimony on the olfactory level. Today, this large perfume family is growing and François Demachy, exclusive perfumer of Dior, presents several new creations including the Sakura perfume.

The Private Collection, a blend of rare fragrances

The Private Collection is a territory of experimentation. It brings together noble products and raw materials of the best quality in the world. “Rare raw materials, daring olfactory biases, a limitless creation.

This collection is the reflection of a freedom that only true luxury can allow. A beautiful recreation of the Perfumer. », These are the words of François Demachy when he talks about the universe of this olfactory collection . Nothing looks too good to showcase the essences contained therein. So, let’s take a closer look at what the Sakura fragrance is made up of and in which regions of the globe its flavors have been captured …

Welcome to Asia with Christian Dior!

The name of this perfume says a lot about its origins and, with it, the Private Collection takes us directly to Asia. Indeed, this fragrance contains one of the most emblematic plants of these countries: the cherry blossom. It is accompanied here by an equally poetic rose. Sakura by Dior is a very floral juice intended for both men and women and which is presented in the iconic bottle of the Private Collection.

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