New perfume L’Homme Prada Absolu

Prada offers an Absolute of perfume to these gentlemen
New perfume L'Homme Prada Absolu
New perfume L’Homme Prada Absolu

L’Homme Absolu, Prada’s new collector’s fragrance

“There is the idea of ​​La Femme Prada and L’Homme Prada , but in reality, they don’t exist. There are many. “- Miuccia Prada. As if to pay tribute to the individuality of each being, the Prada house made two complementary fragrances in 2016: L’Homme and La Femme Prada . Today, these two already cult fragrances are reinventing themselves and revealing a new facet of their personality in a collector’s edition to come in October 2018. Let’s start by presenting you the male version, the epitome of Prada luxury. bottling process. Focus on L’Homme Absolu by Prada.

L’Homme Absolu, the quintessence of Prada

L’Homme Absolu de Prada seems to contain all the refinement of this great brand of creation in its bottle. It highlights the sensuality of men, or rather that of their exchanges with women. This perfume expresses all that is masculinity by opposing it to femininity. It celebrates charismatic and refined men through the use of ingredients of exceptional quality. While respecting the male tradition, it is innovative and atypical. This is a very ambitious, inclusive and unequivocal essence.

Prada delivers us a new bottle

Prada’s L’Homme Absolu is first of all characterized by a new bottle. This retains the shape of its predecessor, opposing a perfectly flat front face to a more rounded back and covered in leather. The whole is shimmering and very refined. For more modernity, the L’Homme Absolu bottle by Prada is also topped with a shimmering chromed metal stopper. This echoes its front face, covered in dazzling black. The Prada signature, meanwhile, appears on its back, covered with Saffiano leather, a calfskin on which is printed a pattern typical of the brand. Widely used in luxury products, this material is resistant to water, stains and scratches. Here, L’Homme Absolu’s Saffiano leather is available in three colors: black, green and blue, in a motif also present in the Prada store located in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II in Milan. Everything is offered to us in a 100 ml bottle.

L’Homme Prada Absolu, an oriental and luxurious fragrance

On the scent side, L’Homme Absolu by Prada is an oriental fragrance based mainly on iris. This powdery flower is undoubtedly one of the noblest of the perfumer’s entire palette. At its heart, it is accompanied by neroli and geranium, flowers that are both elegant and peppery. Likewise, spices appear in its top notes. These combine black pepper with cardamom, tangerine and bergamot. This lively and dazzling start is here opposed to a much sweeter trail, associating the sensuality of amber with the sweetness of labdanum and the masculinity of cedar.

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