New perfume Dior Belle de Jour

Belle de Jour from the Dior fragrance collection
New perfume Dior Belle de Jour
New perfume Dior Belle de Jour

Belle de Jour by Dior, tender and warm femininity

The pinnacle of French chic, the Dior Private Collection never ceases to be talked about. It offers us beautiful getaways around the world, and appears like a real travel diary to vaporize in the hollow of the neck. To make this assortment of perfumes, the Dior perfumer does not hesitate to cross the world. He sets out to conquer exceptional raw materials, and creates authentic and refined fragrances. This large assortment has just been enriched with several new juices, including Belle de Jour.

The Private Collection, a reflection of Dior’s know-how

“Rare raw materials, daring olfactory biases, a limitless creation. This collection is the reflection of a freedom that only true luxury can allow. A beautiful recreation of the Perfumer. This is how the Private Collection of Dior is qualified by the brand‘s perfumer. It alone reflects all the know-how and talent of this great brand. Very current, this assortment is nevertheless inspired by the unique heritage of the brand. It is a blend of refined perfumes, designed with respect for the Dior tradition.

Belle de Jour, a soothing fragrance

If some perfumes are used to seduce, others, on the other hand, rather play the card of comfort and tenderness. Such is the case with Belle de Jour. This romantic juice brings together several ingredients synonymous with sweetness. Devoid of any superfluous, it goes to the essentials but envelops us in a creamy and reassuring cocoon. Belle de Jour begins with the velvety breath of a peach. The rose brings more elegance and femininity to the whole. Finally, Belle de Jour ends with a more woody and deep trail.

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