New make-up product Sisley Phyto-Sourcils Fix

New make-up product Sisley Phyto-Sourcils Fix
New make-up product Sisley Phyto-Sourcils Fix
New make-up product Sisley Phyto-Sourcils Fix

Phyto Sourcils Fix by Sisley, the essential tool for a drawn look

There are a whole bunch of makeup techniques to naturally sublimate your face and make it more bewitching. So, know that, if it is very important to attach importance to your mascara and eyeliner, it is just as important to take care of your eyebrows. A graphic but natural make-up on this part of the face allows to structure the look and to redefine it. Immediately you will appear more alert and bubbly.

To create this beautiful balance on this central part of your face, Sisley has therefore developed a brand new product. Focus on the Phyto Sourcils Fix .

The many advantages of Phyto Sourcils Fix

The Phyto Sourcils Fix differs from other eyebrow pencils, precisely because it is not a pencil! It is a filling gel with a truly innovative texture. This make-up product helps to fix the eyebrows and to fill them. Its formula is rich in nylon fibers and gives the impression of having fuller-than-natural eyebrows.

However, the Phyto Sourcils Fix does not create any material effect and does not stand out. It does not leave a cardboard feel and ensures a perfect balance between fixation and flexibility. For more discretion, it comes in three different shades. Color 0 is perfectly invisible. It is only used to discipline the eyebrows but does not color them at all. However, two other tinted gels are available in different shades. They are used to naturally intensify the look and to sculpt it.

The Phyto Sourcils Fix comes with a brush ideally designed to deliver the right amount of product and help you achieve a precise application. In just one stroke, your eyebrows will regain their full density and appear better structured. Sisley also guarantees you a remarkable hold for several hours. Sisley’s Phyto Sourcils Fix does not run off and its formula is enriched with numerous care actives. Thus, it respects the eyebrow and takes care of your beauty over the long term.

Our tips for applying Phyto Sourcils Fix

For a convincing result, it is nevertheless advisable to follow certain steps of application. First of all, don’t forget to brush your eyebrows beforehand in order to redefine the line correctly. Brush them in the direction of growth, that is to say upwards for three quarters of the eyebrow and downwards for the outer tip of your gaze.

Then apply the Phyto Sourcils Fix using its brush. Use it to correctly draw the shape you want. Likewise, to further perfect the line of your eyes, do not hesitate to use in addition the Phyto Sourcils Perfect, an essential tool for filling eyebrows with very fine or scattered hairs.

With such a product, you will easily obtain a result worthy of a professional which leaves, at the same time, your eyebrows more supple, silky and durably soft.

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