New Intense Rescue Capture Youth Revitalizing Serum

New Intense Rescue Capture Youth Revitalizing Serum
New Intense Rescue Capture Youth Revitalizing Serum
New Intense Rescue Capture Youth Revitalizing Serum

Capture Youth Intense Rescue by Dior, a concentrate of anti-aging softness

The Dior house is one of the greatest specialists in the field of beauty. Collaborating with the most famous dermatologists on the planet, she has today chosen to address the young generation, by making preventive anti-aging care. Indeed, research conducted by Dior has highlighted the importance of preventing the onset of skin aging rather than acting once the wrinkles have already set in. Its Capture Youth Intense Rescue range strengthens your skin’s natural defense system. Intended for thirties, it brings together several treatments whose goal is to delay as much as possible the deterioration of your skin tissue. Today, the Capture Youth product assortmentis still enriched by a newcomer. Focus on Capture Youth Intense Rescue, a treatment specifically developed for all people with dry and rough skin.

Capture Youth Intense Rescue, a very nutritious product

Capture Youth Intense Rescue is a hybrid product between serum and oil. Intended for the face, it strengthens your skin barrier by providing it with more lipids. In other words, it improves the ability of your hydrolipid film to protect your body. By limiting the dryness of your skin, it maintains its comfort and prevents it from cracking and letting wrinkles appear prematurely. The Capture Youth Intense Rescue also maintains the hydration of your skin at a constant level. It reveals all the quality of your face and preserves it as long as possible. Dior Capture Youth Intense Rescue is the ideal treatment for all dry and rough skin, lacking in lipids. From the first application, your face is better nourished. It becomes more flexible and more comfortable. Capture Youth Intense Rescue has both the revitalizing power of a serum and the nourishing power of an oil. Absorbed quickly by the epidermis, it leaves no sticky or unpleasant sensation behind.

The natural active ingredients used by Dior

To achieve such results, Dior Capture Youth Intense Rescue combines several natural active ingredients, the properties of which are widely recognized in the world of cosmetics. Rich in Argan oil, it nourishes the skin and gives you a feeling of absolute comfort. It is also enriched with fatty acids from Tamanu, an oilseed from Asia. Finally, to preserve all your youthfulness, Dior’s Capture Youth Intense Rescue contains Florence iris, an antioxidant very famous in the world of beauty.

How to properly apply Capture Youth Intense Rescue?

The Capture Youth Rescue Intense Dior can be used in three different ways. It can first be combined with your usual day cream. To do this, you just need to integrate two to three drops and mix everything directly in the palm of your hand, before applying your mixture to your face. In a thicker layer, the Capture Youth Intense Rescue can be used as a night care. In this case, it improves cell renewal and nourishes the skin more intensely. Finally, it can be used in a more localized way, on the driest areas of your epidermis.

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