New Heart Shape meteorite powder from Guerlain

New Heart Shape meteorite powder from Guerlain
New Heart Shape meteorite powder from Guerlain
New Heart Shape meteorite powder from Guerlain

The art of strobing with Guerlain’s Heart Shape Meteorites

If you follow makeup techniques at all , you’ve definitely heard of contouring. With him, it is about highlighting the volumes of the face by playing on shadows. This is a technique that has been widely popularized by Kim Kardashian. Conversely, strobing is used to sculpt the oval of the face, bringing points of light to it. The idea is to create a set of reflections that return a luminous glow. To help you achieve a strobing worthy of the name, Guerlain has created the Meteorites Heart Shape palette .

Heart Shape Meteorites, an ideal tool to refine the face

The Meteorites Heart Shape comes in a palette of three powders. Two of these are blushes, and the third is a highlighter. The idea is to combine its powders to sculpt your face and bring it light. The goal will be to shape your face so that it looks almost like a heart. Strobing is a make-up technique that comes straight from Korea, and which tends to bring a fresh, radiant and luminous complexion all day long.

How to apply Heart Shape Meteorites correctly?

Guerlain’s Heart Shape Meteorites can be applied very precisely. The dark pink color is used to support the cheekbones. In other words, it applies just below their protruding area. Light pink, on the other hand, is deposited on the parts to be illuminated, that is to say the top of the cheekbones and the contour of the face. This color is very suitable for the hairline. Finally, pearly beige refines the nose and highlights the lips.

Structure your face with Guerlain Heart Shape Meteorites

Popularized by Kim Kardashian, contouring quickly caught on. This makeup technique makes it possible to sculpt the face by playing on the accentuation of certain shadow areas. However, a new method from Asia takes the opposite view of this trend by structuring the face by illuminating certain areas. This is strobing. Always perfectly up to date, and the Guerlain house invites you to discover its small Meteorites Heart Shape palette, a new essential tool for performing this type of makeup.

The Heart Shape Meteorites Palette

The Heart Shape Meteorites palette allows you to sculpt and refine the face, Korean style. Thus, this small case brings together three shades of compressed powder. Two of these are blushes, and the last one is a highlighter. Together, these powders draw the oval of the face, and highlight some of its areas as if to draw a heart shape. The light texture of the Heart Shape Meteorite powder merges with the skin, and gives your face a pretty pink color.

Performing your strobing correctly

The dark pink tint serves to support the color of the cheekbones. To do this, you just need to apply it under the protruding area of ​​your cheeks. The lighter pink, on the other hand, is more applied to the hairline. It is placed on the top of the cheekbones and on the contour of the face. Finally, the pearly beige color serves to highlight your smile and refine the nose.

You should also know that the Heart Shape Meteorites palette benefits from all the expertise of Guerlain perfumers, and that it is, as such, enriched with a delicate violet fragrance.

Adopt strobing the Korean way

Guerlain invents a strobing palette ideal for sculpting and refining the V-Shape * face, like the Koreans.

Within the same box, 3 contrasting powder shades – 2 blushes and 1 highlighter – combine to sculpt the complexion with light and redraw the oval of the face in the shape of a heart.

A deep pink shade to support the cheekbones, an iridescent pink shade applied to the hairline and the pearly beige color to refine the nose and highlight the lips.

Meteorites Heart Shape’s light, material-free texture merges with the skin, leaving the complexion glowing and rosy all day long.

A delicate fragrance of violet, addictive and inimitable.

Pour réaliser la technique du Heart-Shaped** ou V-Shaped* : appliquer la teinte rose foncé sous le saillant des pommettes. La nuance rose pâle irisée se dépose sur les parties à illuminer : le haut des pommettes et le contour du visage. Enfin la partie beige nacrée permet d’éclairer le tout en s’appliquant sur l’arête du nez et le contour des lèvres.

*Visage en forme de V
**Visage en forme de cœur

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