New Guerlain Mystery Wood fragrance

New Guerlain Mystery Wood fragrance
New Guerlain Mystery Wood fragrance
New Guerlain Mystery Wood fragrance

Bois Mystérieux, a new exotic touch comes to Guerlain

Guerlain has constantly left an important place for the exotic in its creations. Indeed, regardless of the perfumer who was at the head of the brand, Guerlain has always made sure to make our imagination wander to the other side of the world. Many Guerlain creations come from distant lands and thus take us on a journey with a single breath. Once again, in 2019, Guerlain decided to take us on a trip. Its Absolu d’Orient Collection thus expands with a brand newcomer named Bois Mystérieux.

Mysterious Wood, the scent of an oriental night

Bois Mystérieux is a very daring fragrance, directly inspired by an oriental night. Powerful and nocturnal, it is adorned with several woody scents. It elegantly combines cedar, patchouli and myrrh, for a particularly enveloping chiaroscuro play. Leather again comes to assert all its sensuality. Thierry Wasser, Guerlain’s exclusive perfumer, has also incorporated one of the most luxurious spices on the planet: saffron. A true treasure of the East, this ingredient gives Bois Mystérieux all its refinement, giving it a more precious air and making it an ephemeral treasure. Like all the perfumes in the Absolu d’Orient Collection, Bois Mystérieux is a mixed juice intended for both men and women.

Guerlain’s famous Absolu d’Orient collection

Bois Mystérieux is a fragrance that joins Guerlain’s emblematic Absolus d’Orient Collection. This assortment is a tribute to the brand’s heritage and to a part of the world rich in many flavors. It must be said that many consider the eastern part of our planet to be one of the cradles of perfumery. Between the many spices which are there, the sunny flowers and the fruits bursting with flavors, the matters fuse, for our greatest pleasure! Guerlain’s Absolu d’Orient Collection gives thanks to this olfactory heritage. This assortment already includes a large number of creations, like the famous Santal Royal, Oud Essentiel or Musc Noble. All these juices revolve around a raw material emblematic of the Orient and enhance it by adding other secondary ingredients. Gold,

When Guerlain’s cylindrical bottle is wrapped in a coppery orange

From then on, all we have to do is discover the aesthetics of this new perfume . Contrary to what one might think, Bois Mystérieux is not presented to us in a woody container but rather in an opaque cylinder, covered with a flamboyant orange color. This covers the walls of its bottle as well as a ribbon attached to its neck. A golden and solar ball surmounts the whole. Its label, meanwhile, is covered with arabesques, as if coming straight from the East. The overall shape of the Bois Mystérieux bottle is inspired by Guerlain’s legendary Bee Flask, enough to immerse yourself in the brand’s history.

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