New fragrance Les Sorbets de Nina

Nina Ricci reinvents the Nina fragrance in an ice sorbet
New fragrance Les Sorbets de Nina
New fragrance Les Sorbets de Nina

Les Sorbets de Nina, a praline ice cream by Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci’s perfumery has the gift of drawing us into a romantic and elegant universe. Each of these perfumes tells us a story, as Nina can testify , a fresh and romantic fragrance , like straight out of a fairy tale of modern times. Like a dream, this essence takes us to a wonderful world, filled with gluttony. Today, for the summer of 2019, he sees the appearance of a limited edition of his scent, called Les Sorbets de Nina. The emphasis is on the praline and Nina immediately becomes an irresistibly seductive scoop of ice cream.

The bottle of Nina Ricci becomes a sorbet to eat

Les Sorbets de Nina proudly displays its membership of the Nina Ricci family and preserves, with a few details, the silhouette of the previous Nina. So, at first glance, it is an apple-shaped bottle. This fruit, with universal symbolism, became the icon of Nina Ricci in 1952, with the release of the fragrance Fille d’Eve. Since that day, Nina Ricci’s apple has never ceased to be talked about and to display new faces. This time, on the occasion of the release of Sorbets de Nina, she is adorned with a particularly trendy pale pink garment. Its cap is similar to some gold leaf, which makes it look very elegant. However, Les Sorbets de Nina dares a more offbeat detail. Its front face seems to have been crunched to the fullest, like a scoop of ice cream.

Les Sorbets de Nina, a refreshing and sweet ice cream

Scents the Sorbets of Nina, Luna and Bella
Scents the Sorbets of Nina, Luna and Bella

You will understand, with Les Sorbets de Nina, everything is a question of gluttony. This sweet essence reinvents the scent of the previous Nina, while adding ingredients that are impossible to resist! To refresh your summer, Les Sorbets de Nina starts off with a lively and fruity cocktail. These top notes intermingle lemon, raspberry and tangerine. Satsuma, a typically Japanese citrus fruit similar to clementine, is also featured in this composition. It paves the way for a much more floral heart, composed of jasmine and gardenia. All in poetry, Les Sorbets de Nina finally ends with a gourmet base of pralines and caramel. Everything is signed by the talented perfumer Olivier Cesp, whose know-how is already behind the creation of the very first Nina.

Nina Ricci immerses us in the heart of Italian tradition

By choosing to create a scent similar to ice cream, Les Sorbets de Nina plunges us into the heart of Italy and invites us to rediscover one of its finest culinary traditions. Here, Nina Ricci pays homage more specifically to the Amorino brand. Created in 2002, the latter is now established in all the largest cities in the world and has gained many followers. Its ice creams are made with 100% natural ingredients and are the result of typically Italian know-how. More than ever, with Les Sorbets de Nina, delicacies come to perfumery for our greatest pleasure!

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