New fragrance Les Sorbets de Bella Nina Ricci

Bella by Nina Ricci becomes a delicious sorbet
New fragrance Les Sorbets de Bella Nina Ricci
New fragrance Les Sorbets de Bella Nina Ricci

Les Sorbets de Bella, when Nina Ricci’s last heroine becomes greed

At Nina Ricci, the creation of a perfume is very often accompanied by a magical universe. So, Nina was created in 2006, like a kind of heroine straight out of a fairy tale. It was followed, much later, by Luna, another gourmet juice presented in a bluish apple. Finally, even more recently, it was the turn of Bella perfume to join this trio. Presented in a green apple and exuding a fruity scent, Bella is arguably the most daring of the three women of Nina Ricci. Today, for the summer of 2019, it is reinventing itself in a limited edition called Les Sorbets de Bella alongside the fragrances: Les Sorbets de Nina et Luna.

Les Sorbets de Bella, a fragrance inspired by Amorino ice cream

For its new fragrance, the house Nina Ricci was inspired by one of the most famous ice cream brands in Europe: Amorino. Created by two childhood friends, Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi, the Amorino house plunges us into the heart of Italian tradition. What’s more, these ice creams are known for their 100% natural ingredients and exceptional flavor. However, it is precisely this explosion of pleasure that we find in the new fragrance Les Sorbets de Bella. Amorino is all the rage in all the biggest cities on the planet, well beyond the Italian borders. And so it is the same success that we wish for the new perfume of Nina Ricci …

Nina Ricci offers you a refreshing cocktail for the summer

Les Sorbets de Bella relies on an infinitely fresh and airy composition to seduce you. Designed by Sonia Constant, this juice first sparkles on contact with citrus fruits. Grapefruit and green tangerine give it a citrus flavor. Rhubarb and pomegranate then mingle with this start, while giving it a more sparkling and fruity impetus. They pave the way for an irresistible gluttony. The heart of Sorbets de Bella, meanwhile, relies on the sweet femininity of rose jelly associated with a more powdery violet. The shiso is also invited with originality in this recipe. This typically Japanese aromatic plant gives off a herbaceous, spicy and refreshing breath here. Finally, for more tenacity and character, Les Sorbets de Bella ends with a woody base. You will understand, behind his gluttony,

When Bella’s green apple turns into sherbet

As if to recall its belonging to the great family of Nina Ricci, Les Sorbets de Bella comes in an apple-shaped bottle. Indeed, the brand has made this fruit its most famous symbol. Used for the first time in 1952 with the fragrance Fille d’Eve, Nina Ricci’s apple never ceases to be talked about! This time, it is tinted with an infinitely trendy pastel green color. Its hood, meanwhile, puts on the luster of gold. A small ladybug invites itself on one of its leaves. Finally, as if to suggest the irresistible temptation of this perfume, its walls seem to have already been crunched.

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