New Diorshow Bold Brow

New Diorshow Bold Brow
New Diorshow Bold Brow
New Diorshow Bold Brow

Diorshow Bold Brow, the eyebrow gel from the Dior Metallics 2017 collection

We are barely in summer when the biggest fashion houses are already talking to us about the trends for the coming fall. Thus, Dior has not escaped the rule and has just revealed to us what her make-up look will be for the next season. Peter Philips, Creative and Artistic Director of Dior Makeup, is currently presenting the Dior Metallics range . For him, the new trends are more oriented towards natural and wild beauty.

He thus imagined women covered with dark skin, an incandescent complexion and light-reflecting makeup. He then turned to shades with a shiny and metallic finish without going into extravagance.

The Dior Metallics 2017 collection brings together several products with often chrome shades but always very spontaneous effect. Among the flagship products of this year, the Diorshow Bold Brow holds a special place. So let’s take a closer look at what it is …

What is the Diorshow Bold Brow?

The Diorshow Bold Brow is a product that aims to intensify the look . It is a lightly tinted eyebrow gel enriched with volumizing microfibers. Thus, with a simple gesture, you will bring the final touch to your eye makeup. Accompanied by a small comb brush, it diffuses the right amount of product to perfect your eyebrows. It ensures an application down to the smallest detail, at the same time precise, easy and fast.

Diorshow Bold Brow helps define and shine eyebrows. Its color holds throughout the day and magnifies the eye line while enhancing it naturally. In the new Dior Metallics 2017 collection, the Diorshow Bold Brow comes in three different shades ranging from a very light blonde to a darker brown. Thus, you can perfectly match its color to your natural skin tone as well as to the color of your hair. Its formula is also enriched with vitamins E, B5 and B8.

In other words, Diorshow Bold Brow gel nourishes your eyebrows and makes them look thicker and healthier day by day. The gel formula of this product offers a non-sticky finish with no material effect. Thus, the result is all the more natural.

How to apply the Diorshow Bold Brow?

Applying the Diorshow Bold Brow correctly is child’s play! On the other hand, it requires having properly prepared eyebrows. First of all, the ideal is that the latter are well shaved in order to better redraw the shape of your eyes. Then, you just need to bring a small brush to comb them and place them correctly.

The ideal is to stretch your eyebrows upwards from the inside of your eyes outwards. Only the outer tip of your eyebrows will need to be brushed down. Then, all you have to do is put a little Diorshow Bold Brow gel on them using the brush ideally designed by Dior . You are ready to face the whole day with a sparkling, sparkling and full of life look!

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